March 7th

Good Morning,

A crisp, windy and clear day here in SD. So much is swirling around right now. My mind is filled with thoughts, ideas and questions.

I am so excited and proud of our new website. It is vibrant in design and expression and rich in possibility.Don't ya love seeing the photos of our members! And the new email service is great--I can open what people send me. By the way, FYI--when we switched over to the new server anything I had in my old inbox got lost--so if you didn't hear from me around the March 1st date (give or take a day or two) please don't take it personally. I am re-creating my address book, too. So if it was important please re-send. Thank you WebTeam.

And although, right now, only a few are following my blog, I know that can and will grow. I want our cyber community to be an extension of our actual community; a way to connect and stay in touch with one another.

The HomeTeam meets tonight and there are new ideas poppng as to where we shall be for our home. this inbetween phase is often a challenge--I want answers now of course. I want to have it realized in tangible form and get moving. And I know that this is a critical time to walk the walk on the way there.

This quote came to me today and I think it is most fitting:

"The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving."

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



YX1&OPC said…
Hello RDD,

Congratulations and best wishes for your new service!
I will be checking in to follow your progress.

:) S
Reni Williams said…
Love the new website and the blog especially ! our search for a new site, have we considered purchasing a building? Many have owner's that will carry the loans with 10-20% down, additionally, some are even set up to actually Lease out extra space and thereby earn INCOME to assist with paying the mortgage.
I am forwarding some ideas I saw to you on direct email. I chose these for size, price, location, and parking.There are many many in the "Realtor underground" that aren't advertised in addition to those I am sending. I think that purchasing a site is a lot smarter than throwing $$$ at a landlord for a lease.
Just thought I'd throw that into the pot. ! ! Lots of love, Reni
Dharlene said…
Hello Rev. Duchess, just been reading the previous blogs and since I have been out-of-it lately, I am very sad to hear that we lost out on the North Park theatre, I could so see you right up there on that stage; having just been there with my Red Hat sisters a short-time ago. As they say, it wasn't meant to be, but oh, that is a tough one to swallow. But the right place is indeed just waiting to reveal itself. I am off to Canada next week, a few days ahead of the gathering to gather with my own family there. I shall see you there. Best wishes and lots of light for the HomeTeam.
Ellie said…
The website is lovely and very fresh, just like the weather. I have a request for your blog - could y'all please turn on the RSS feed feature so that us netgen churchy girls can read it using our bloglines account?

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