Mid-March Monday

What a glorious day in San Diego! Those clouds! And snow all around us. We send warm thoughts to Rev.Michael and Gaia to melt the snow for their journey to Vancouver.

Yesterday's Sunday service was powerful, if I do say so myself. There has a been a shift in consciousness emerging, pushing itself through us. And this past week's guests and events have only added to that. Gregg Levoy and Ray Bradbury left indelible imprints on us--Ok, well, I will speak for myself--on me. And therefore, I know it trickles down to others. It was palpable yesterday.

We are now taking stock and looking to see what is before us to do. The Home Team is being reviewed and will re-focus on what and where to go next. Don Converse stepped up at yesterday's Board meeting to be willing to serve the Home team and John Kurko in whatever needs to be done to get us on the right track for finding our new home. We are still accepting leads from anyone about leasing space (thank you to those who have already given us leads and phone numbers). We are open to God's idea for the Right Place for us. Whether it be a HomeBase for classes and offices and a Sunday service venue; or an all-in-one site as we have now. Our goal is to be in financial integrity and to be in a place where we can build a greater community and be of service.

At our Board meeting yesterday, our two newest members, Ellie Dworak and Ruth Soklow, R.Sc.P. jumped in with energy and great ideas and are rarin' to serve. We are also looking at how we can re-structure the meetings to be more efficient and still make it available for members to attend.

There feels like there is much for me to do before I get to fly to Vancouvr for the UCRS Gathering. And I am ltrying to take care of loose ends. I have never missed two Sundays in a row and it feels awkward right now. Very glad we have a team to step in and keep things rolling.

I hope you are all getting your green gear ready for Friday. I have asked our Blogmaster to install a special feature that will allow me to see who is or is not wearing green on Friday, so that if necessary you will be cyber-pinched.

Breathe and EnJOY this grand day that has never before happend.


Reni Williams said…
Does this mean I can't sit at the computer in my PJ's? Do I really have to fix my hair? or will the blog just detect NON GREEN apparel?

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