Top O' the Morning To Ya..

This is the Green Patrol... oh, wait, I see you...consider yourself PINCHED!
Now go put on some green.
Even if you're not Irish, or know someone who's Irish, wearing of the green is grand thing. Remember, green is the color of the Heart Chakra (the Irish are smarter than ya think) and it is also the color of money. Even Sammy McDog is wearing a green bow. So how can you go wrong sporting the grand green all day long?

And for a lovely lesson on the spirituality of the trinity in honor of today, see the Science of Mind magazine with Rev. Diane Harmony's Daily Guides.

The Home Team has been following up on several site leads, but nothing definitive to report. Which is just as well as I am heading off to Vancouver this Sunday morning. I shall spend all day tomorrow cleaning and packing.

So, c'mon everybody,..."when Irish eyes are smilin'.."
and they are!



TK said…
Well, if green eyes dont count I guess I should concider myself OUCH pinched.
Green is good. Good is green.
We'll have to create a green cape for McSammy.
Kathleen said…
Tadaaaahhhh! And yes, I am in green!
So excited about this blog -- you have no idea, RDD.
One of my coworkers was running around threatening to pinch people...but he was careful to point out that he's not pinching supervisors. Smart boy.

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