Alll Hail!

It is Thursday, April 27th (Happy Belated Birthday, Bob Dean) and I am still in beautiful and wet Asheville. Still not adjusted to the time change--I stay up late and have a hard time waking up.

Yesterday, the two buses took us up to the summit at Mt. Mitchell and it was pouring. At one point, it began to hail. Very hard. The driver had a hard time seeing so I ended up being his assistant and kept drying off the windows. I ended up sitting on the cup holder area so I could keep wiping the windows. We were up about 5,000 feet, in the clouds and a hailstorm. Geesh. We had to move to Plan b for our ceremony because of the storm and ended up having a Native American Dreaming ceremony in the Summit lodge. It was still a lovely experience and the drive down the mountain was a little less challenging. The trees and the green we could see made it so worthwhile. It is jigsaw puzzle photo perfect in these here parts.

After a two hour nap, we dressed and took the same two buses to the Asheville Center for Spiritual Living. Revs. Barbara and John Waterhouse were our gracious hosts. They built their geodesic home on the church property and held a wine and cheese reception for us. They have two great BIG dogs,Bear and Angel. They fixed us a big lasagna dinner before Wednesday night servcie. A lovely service where Rev. Barbara, John, Donald Graves and Dr. Kathy Hearn spoke. Local music and wonderful people. I had the privilege of doing the closing blessing ritual and benediction. Lovely.

An interesting ride home--no details on that.
Today we are off to the Biltmore Estates.

By the way, I am borrowing Rev. Sharon's computer but we have a challenge getting me online for checking my e-mail, so if you are writing me, I am unable to answer as yet.

All hail.

Rev. DD


TK said…
All that hail'n rain. Nice place to visit.
Was I wrong about the Estate name? I though it was Vanderbuilt? Oh well. I was there once about 35 years ago.
Sounds like y'all are haven a grand ol time.
Wiel I'm fix'n ta git back ta werk.
Y'all take care ya hear?
T used to be a good ol boy K

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