Happy 50th, Patti Paris!

(I did have Patti's permission to spill the beans bout her age. She said she earned it.)

What a week, eh? VERY hectic at the office with continuing details for our move, the end of the month and our closing service on Sunday.

Then there was the disappointing Wednesday when the Padres lost and so did Katherine McPhee. yet, both will prevail. Katherine is so wonderful and so talented and comes from a good spiritual base that she will rise above the defeat and disappointment. Ya know, not even sure it was a defeat--she was/is a winner in my book. I am so proud of her. Her talents, her professionalism, her grace and her attitude. I wonder if many people didn't vote for her thinking that she "has it all" already so why not vote for Taylor? (For the record, I like Taylor, too.) I also know that in the Bigger Picture, past all the hoopla and the celebrity, this really did work out for her highest good. We just may not see it just yet as the glitter has to settle. Her career success is guaranteed and did not need the title American Idol, although she worked hard for it and did deserve it.

Many folks are out of town this holiday weekend and might miss our farewell service at the Mission Valley site. The topic is "Field of Forgiveness" and on this Memorial Day weekend, it is a good time to forgive and release. To remember loved ones that have passed out of our lives; to forgive ourselves of wrong-doing AND wrong-thinking. To release any and all that stands in the way of our loving ourselves and our lives to the fullest.

Drive safely, BBQ wisely and b r e a t h e.

In love,


Tina M. said…
Hi Rev. Duchess! I really have enjoyed your posts. I find your comments here (and at church today) very honest and real.

It's great to see you in process-- live!

I loved that poem by Marcus Aurelius.

Would you care to post it here? I would love that!

Here is my favorite quote (so far) by him: (it practically blew into my lap just a moment ago because I have it posted on my wall!!!)

"Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up if thou wilt ever dig."

I have found this to be extremely true.

Thanks again!


Ellie said…
Lotsa careers have been launched by a 'defeat' on Amrerican Idol.

It was a good service today. Lots of warmth and family feeling.

I look forward to our next week in the new home.
Don Converse said…
I loved service today. "Bittersweet" was the perfect choice of words. Andy's song was also perfect. I have very fond memories to take away from 123 Camino de la Reina. But, I am very excited about Tierrasanta. I know it will be our home for many, many years to come.
Tina M. said…
That was so thoughtful and kind of Ellie!! (:->
Rev. Duchess said…
Hi tina,
Here is the Marcus Aurelius quote you requested:
A Meditation for Acceptance

What is in harmony with you, O, Universe
is in harmony with me.

Whatever comes in due season for you is not too early or too late for me.

What your seasons bring is fruit for me,
for all things come from you and return to you.
Mediations Book IV, 23

thanks for reading and posting.

Tina M. said…
Thanks so much Reverend Duchess! Now I've got it! It's very beautiful.

I'm fond of his philosophy.

Thanks for addressing me directly in your blog. Of course, I'm starting to get used to the blogging process!

Thanks again!



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