Just finished watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Wow. A real treat for me. I was thrilled to see that this competition now has national primetime appeal. I only got two words spelled correctly but I was only one letter off on three others. ah well.
I found it interesting as to the many Persian and Hawaiian words used. But somebody explain to me why they didn't create a different seating arrangements for the parents so that when a child was eliminated he or she didn't have to sit on their parents lap as further disappointment?

I got more sun today than I used to or do well with. Has a nice ride in a convertible Miata up to Encinitas, though.

Last night, I slept all the way throug and had a great night's sleep. (Have been restless and waking between 3;30-4:30 lately). And then amused myself when i began to stir and stretched out my right leg and it hit air not the bed. Somehow I had manuevered myselfto where I was almost sleeping the width and not the length of the bed. My giggling at the illogic of that is what finally awakened me.

Tonight, I went to bed to read before sleeping.I picked up one of the two books on the one nightstand and began to read.It was talking about knowing oneself and a process/exercise i could do to list ways of knowng myself. I wasn't connecting. So i picked up the second book. Opened to the bookmark and the chapter is called, "Know Thyself.' Weird-o-rama! The first book, Love 101 was written in 1995. the second book, "Writing to Change Your Life" was written in 2006 and they really have nothing to do with each other-- or do they??? What IS the Cosmos trying to tell me? I love little synchronicities like that.

Guess that's really all I had to share today.


Anonymous said…
Did you see Akeelah and the Bee? That was a feel-good movie.

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