As the world turns....

Cyber challenges and who knows what else have kept me from getting back on to write. This time, I am writing from the office-even without air conditioning.

So I surrender to this heatwave; I surrender to it causing cyber lags and quirky electronic retrograde antics. Even the Starbucks near Sammy's Woodfire Pizza was closed yesterday because of a flood.

I recently had a couple of God nudges about purchasing a Q Link necklace to help fend off or defray EMF's. I had heard about this before but had not paid much attention. Then when three different people presented me with information or insight about the Q Link, I did my own research and decided to purchase a necklace and the BioPro chips to pout on my computers, cell phones, microwave,etc. to stave away the electromagnetic bad vibes. Since I know how sensitive I am to energies, I really felt that having these high-tech shields could prove to be beneficial. And ya know what? I believe they are and I have felt the difference. In fact, I can't imagine how I survived L.A. this last trip without them. There is enough scientific proof to support how they work and I am willing to do what I can on the external side to support the internal spiritual work.

Our in-house Mandala artist Jo Blaine was one of the nudgees. She wears one, and has one for her children, too. Especially, for her son, Max who is autistic. She has seen how the Q Link has helped balance out his energies. And one Sunday we were chatting about all this and I said I really liked the benefits of the Q Link but keen on the look. Jo offered to paint her mandalas on the pendant for me. Really??? Wow. I knew instatntly how powerful that would be to have and wear the intention and beauty of her manadals ( I have one of her mandala necklaces) and that it would be amplified by the Q Link energy, too. So I went to her website and viewed her collection to see what called to me. I picked two designs not only for their artistic, esthetic appeal but for what I am currently working on in my personal life: Trust and Good Happens. The pendant is now a piece of mystical art. Beautiful and powerful--you have to see it! And how Jo managed to create each mandala in such a small version is beyond me. It reminds me of those Chinese bottles that are hand-painted from the inside. Glad to have my Q Link back.

The beauty of this blog is that it allows me an opportunity by which to express ideas, opinions, experiences of all shapes and sizes. And the readers can take away that which they need to from what I share. Today, I just want to share a tiny speck of a life moment.

As I was getting ready to take my shower, I noticed in the tub one of those Lara Flynn Boyle legged spiders. Spindly legs and barely visible. I did not want to turn on the shower and drown the little creature, so I worked diligently and finding a something by which it would crawl up onto so that I could take it outside. As these buggies are wont to do, he/she squiggled away at my attempts thinking I was dangerous. I talked to it and explained I was trying to take it outside to safety and that if stayed in my tub it would drown. Finally, I found a cardboard box that some make-up came in and was able to scoop the bug up and started to turn to leave. He/she jumped off and I moved to try and re-catch it and slipped and the box fell and landed on the bug and killed him. I was so upset. There was this little smudge of a bug that I so wanted to rescue but I could not. Was I at fault? Or was I just interferring with the bigger picture that it was this bug's time to go and he/she had already chosen the way out and I was messing with the cosmic plan. I didn't know what to do. In the scheme of things, this was just a speck of life and certainly, my response or my grief was not going to keep me from moving on. But something did happen and I had to find a way to note it. Thanks for listening.


Mel Karmen said…
Thank you for taking the opportunity to share your moving experience with the Lara Flynn Boyle-legged creature with us.

Always willing to listen.
Anonymous said…
If you haven't seen Jo's work before go to and you can see how talented she really is. It's so great to have creative and insightful people as members of this church.

John Kurko
jo blaine said…
Thanks for the blog-spots for my mandalas. I have to come clean though... I only ever paint them once! By hand, in watercolor, ranging in size from 9" to 18" in diameter. The miracle of them being so small is scanning and digital printing.
Anonymous said…
I am so glad to see that there is another person out there, rescuing spiders before turning on the water. Here's how I handle the most stubborn, elusive ones: I use a towel of appropriate size (small hand one for sinks, large ones for tubs); I place it so that the spider can get to it and crawl up and out. Sometimes they like to crawl up on the underside, but, whatever works for them. :)

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