August 5, 2006

..or How I Spent My Summer Birthday.

Allowing for a little extra sleep this morning, I walked over to Antique Row for breakfast (after doing my Egoscue e-cises of course).Being solo, I sat at the counter which was an unfamiliar eating experience. I recall doing that as a young child back in Chicago and NY. My mother or grandmother and I would often sit at the counter at Woolworth's. Above the counter were two TV monitors with the sound muted. One was showing some Hall of Fame thingie for John Madden. the other, showed TV Land's tribute to the 100 Most Memorable Moments in Television. You didn't really need to hear the audio for that one. And it amused me that as I sat in this retro themed restaurant celebrating my birthday, I watched as Howdy Doody introduced Clarabelle's first words back in 1960. I watched that show---then. Oh my. And the guys sitting next to me at the counter were engaging in TV trivia chat and theme song-o-lio for "My Three Sons." The other moment I viewed was from March, 1955 when "Peter Pan" flew across our TV's for the first time. Oh yes, I do remember that one. That was magical then, too.

It's been so sweet getting good wishes and birthday calls and cards. And last night at the viewing of "The Secret", everyone sang to me. At first, I squirmed but then I stopped and surrendered and listened and it was quite lovely. The gesture and the voices.

Today, I put on an anklet that I was given on 8-5-69 by my boyfriend. I realized that the anklet was now 37 years old. gulp.

Then I walked to Starbucks for a birthday latte with a dear friend. (Well, she called to see what I was up to and how many times I had been to Starbucks today. None. So I could not refuse her offer). At the counter as I was ordering my soy latte, I sat down the cute little gift bag and I shared with the barrista that it was my birthday. He wished me a Happy Birthday and asked how many years young I was. I paused wondering if I should share the accurate age but decided I would. "Oh, my mom's 54." SCREEEEECH into reality. Oh my goodness, by my age, I could be this man's mother! After I regained my composure, I told him that I would be proud to have a handsome young man who worked at Starbucks as my son. Why yes, I kinda like that.... "My son, the barrista!"

Time to pack and get ready for my trip to Asilomar (Pacific Grove, CA) tomorrow for the annual UCRS Summer Camp Conference. Oh yeah, and write my talk too. Tomorrow at church, I will post the sheets from this week's Visioning for our new name and vision statement so that people can indicate their leanings. Then I will take that information with me up to Asilomar--the sacred grounds that Ernest Holmes walked--and let Spirit reveal our new name.

Ah, sweet mystery of life....


Anonymous said…
YO...........HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!



Don Converse said…
Have a nice trip. I know you do every year there. Happy Birthday again...that covers you for the month Leo.


Reni Williams said…
Didn't Woolworth's usta have great Grilled Cheese Sandwiches..? They were cheap enought that even a young shopper (pre mall rat days) could afford them.
And then there is the counter at Thrifty Drug Stores....Huge Hot Fudge Sundaes....a lot of money then, but worth it !

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