I remember when I first saw the word, POTPOURRI.
POT Pour ree? Huh?
I didn't realize it's meaning. It was the name of a West Hollywood boutique during the 60's; along with another boutique called PROPINQUITY
both "P" words. Interesting, huh?

But I digress...

So today's blog is about a potpourri of miscellany.

Am I one of of those rare birds who is easily entranced by the mystery of the minutiae of life? The little glimpses into the invisible fabric of the cosmos? Let me expound...

One of those quirky quantum moments while driving home last night.... Ted Leitner was reporting on tonight's Padres game and mentioned the Diamondbacks pitcher, Snyder just as the light changed on Texas and I saw out of the corner of my eyes a building site that said R.A. SNYDER. Simultaneously. What are the odds? And does it mean anything?

I appreciated how my Intuition told me where to go to shop tonight. I was in search of a new pillow. And had been to the usual places. Something said try Macy's Home Store. this is not one of my usual stores. But OK, I had no time contstraints so I walked over there after being at Target. And lo and behold, there were some really high-end pillows ON SALE. Way cool.
And now I just remembered, this very process happened to me a few months ago when I was looking for a specific airport travel case for Rev Michael for his farewell gift. That was the first time I had been to Macy's and the rolling case was also on sale that day. I always make sure I laud my 'higher self' for guiding me.

I was opening up today's mail and the TV was on in the background. There was a man doing a "guest perspective" on the local KABC station with some editorial essay. He began with a quote from one of our premier poets, Walt Whitman PRECISELY the time I was opening a beautiful greeting card sent to me that had a quote from... Walt Whitman on the front photo. And to add to the mysterious timing, this card was actually sent to an old address and forwarded to me and I received it this morning.

Are these moments just sweet reminders of the universal thread that weaves us together? Or is there some unique significance I hope to uncover? Potpourri for my ponderings.

And then there's the human side:
My Kaiser appointment was 5:45 with a requested 5:30 check-in. Got there early but one could not check in before 5:30 as they were transferring shifts. People milled in and most ignored the sign. THere had only been one man there in the waiting room when I arrived. So in theory, we would have been first and second in line. Then more people arrived. At about 5:24, these other people got in line--ahead of the first man and I. I noted how I was not amused by this. It seemed rude. And then I realized how weird it was that I was getting slightly peeved. What's the big deal? I let myself watch my reactions. The quiet voice in my head said it didn't make a difference and more than likely, each person had their own appt. time and their own nurse or phsycian to see not based on the placement in line to check in. And how would the subsequent people who arrived know who was or was not here early? The human mind and ego can be quite entertaining.

Off to uncover further threads in the string theory of life.



TK said…
Ah yes, skipping down the metaphysical rabbit hole.
To be present.
To be open.
To be available.
Every once-in-awhile we catch a glimpse of a greater reality.
I love this stuff. };-)

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