Rosh Hashanah +

That's Happy New Year to you. And I like the idea of a New Year no matter what culture or religion.
Behold, I make all things new. Ta da!

Ramadan began. Oh, and there is a lovely (free) art exhibit outside the museum in Balboa Park. Wonderful photograph that young people took to showcase their lives or the world as they see it. Part of the AJA Project.

The wonderful Adams Avenue Street Fair was also this weekend. Always fun and always glad to have the streets and parking spaces back when it's over.

And yesterday was the 5th Annivesary of the Midtown Church of Religious Science! WOW. CONGRATULATIONS to Rev. Kevin and your community.

What a powerful weekend and Equinox.

My thoughts for today are a bit all over the map--many things have come across my desk or my mind that I want to share.

In reading the current issue of Consumer Reports, I was alarmed to see the information that auto insurance companies (have been and ) are basing rate quotes on people's credit rating scores! Argh. Besides the fact that the methodology is probably going to make it harder for certain groups of people, I am un-thrilled that the auto insurance companies are doing this slightly covertly. They will not reveal to you, the consumer, what that scoring number is and how they determined your projection as a potential claimant. Certainly, this can benefit some drivers but I worry that it will penalize more people than benefit.

Yesterday, I was chatting with a friend who is in high school, and she shared with me that there is now a requirement for students to submit their written essays, reports and themes to a new website which electronically scans their work to determine any level of potential plagerism. What????? It seems there is a devised system that will flag for the teachers if a students work 'appears' to be lifted from printed or electronic works anywhere. Well there goes the One Mind facet. If one happens to access the One Infinite Intelligence that may have already known iteself through another's expression, it might flag you for plagerism. I googled this little tidbit and sure enough, it now exists at the college level, too. Although, to me, that makes a bit more sense. Extra efforts to ensure a thesis or masters project was original seems valid. But somehow, this is all unsettling to me.

How could I let this powerhouse weekend pass without acknowleding our very own Padre closing pitcher #51, Trevor Hoffman and his record-breaking save yesterday. A living legend! WOW. His jersey is now going to Cooperstown. I so want to go to Cooperstown one day.
Way to go trevor, Thank you.

And this being Sept. 25th--Happy Birthday to my landlady, Rachel; Happy Anniversary to Reni & James Williams..and a nod to Sept. 25th, 1983.




Ellie said…
Hmmmm . . . those plagiarism products are looking for theft of other works, not similar concepts (even if they say they are, it's not true, as that's not how the technology works). Letting students at any level graduate not knowing how to write or form a logical argument isn't doing them any good. The least we as educators need to do is force them to rewrite what they've found in their own words : )_

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