All things poltical...

Being that today, November 7, 2006 is an election day, I feel the liberty to wax political.
The only thing I will say about the election is that I am most glad that my answering machine will be liberated from all the pre-recorded campaign messages--including the one from former President Bill Clinton. Next election, I shall register as Independent and reduce the phone spam.

And I want the candidate Chuck Poochigian to win because I like saying his name.

Yet, I am looking at a broader political perspective today.

Sunday's Union Tribune led with a story that the Supreme Court is returning to the abortion issue today. The court will be discussing whether to uphold the first nation-wide restrictions on an abortion procedure snce the landmark 1973 Roe vs. Wade that established a woman's constitutional right. I send prayers of Light,

It may cost more to adopt a baby overseas and other major rulings may change. I have a "God-son" from Russia with a couple I supported over seven years ago, so I know that International adoptions are important to many couples.

Also, on the front page was an article about a website that allows you to locate obituary listings and then to leave a memorial tribute or testimony. It is a very nice cyber-site that allows people to honor loved ones that have passed; and to perhaps have closure for someone they were unable to see at the end.

After the extreme of Las Vegas, I drove back to Palm Springs with Revs Michael and Beverly Brannom. I stayed over and the next morning, Rev. Michael went to the PRIDE Parade in Palm Springs. After a morning meditation and prayer session, I headed North. Distracted first by the call of the outlet mall in Cabazon. It was there that I found True Religion.

. . . Jeans that is. Yep, there is a store there called True Religion and it sells jeans and clothes. Maybe the folks were right--it is about how you look and what you wear when you run a church.

What are the odds of me going through Victorville and Apple Valley in the same week,all withing 24 hours? I knew it was a shorter trip to leave from PS to go to Bakersfield than if I had returned home to SD and left Saturday morning. I took the back way in and it led me through the Mojave Desert. the real thing. For miles and miles, there was nothing but the sky and the desert and even real cactus. I am amazed that some entrepenur has not figured out how to transcend the terrain and turn it into commercial property and retail heaven. All that expanse. I did appreciate it's beauty and was glad I was driving through in Novermber and not in summer. And then I come home to San Diego and what is with this very warm weather?

OK-enough of all that stuff.... the real story is on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars"! which keeps getting delayed by election results. And we won't know which couple gets booted off the dance floor till tomorrow. Such excitement. I want to know who chooses the wardrobe and the songs they dance to. If anyone has any inside tips let me know. And someone please tell Edyta that she doesn't have to have that wide grin on through each dance--especially the dramatic ones.
Remember to exercise your right to call and vote for your favorite--after all it is a voting kind of day.


Don Converse said…
While you were watching "Dancing with the Relatively Unknown Stars", I saw an election result that I know you will appreciate... the Dems have captured the U.S. House of Representatives, which makes the new Speaker of the House a woman (Nancy Pelosi).

This is the first time in history this position has been filled by a woman and the closest (2nd in line) that a woman has ever been to the Presidency! I am elated for that, and also because that makes George W a lame-duck president for the rest of his term. He will not be able to use his veto power, and just as good, he will not be using Representative Pelosi of California as the butt of any more jokes. He must work with her now or butt-out - HA!

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