What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

...which can be a good thing.
Las Vegas is not really my kind of city. Although, I am a huge fan of neon, I do not do well in crowds--especially, crowds who are smoking or drinking or gambling--or all three. I don't think there are enough Bio-Cell chips for me to wear to offset the EMF's in Vegas.

However, there are good things about the city. My colleague, Rev. Doug has his church here. Hmmm, that may be all I can think of for now.

This was a working trip for me. The United Clergy of Religious Sciencr (UCORS) cabinet met here to plan next year's events. Rev. Doug booked us hotel rooms and we met at his church for our meetings. I wouldn't even begin to know how many hundreds of thousands of people are in Las Vegas--particularly the Strip. So you will appreciate my bemusement and appreciation of Spirit when I tell you that it is really a small world after all.

After a light dinner, the 10 of us are heading out in three cars to go see a show that Rev Doug has kept a mystery to us all week. As I am getting in his partner's car, another car pulls up behind me, rolls down his window and says, "Excuse me?" I immediately hope his guy is not going to ask me for directions. "Excuse me, um... aren't you...Pastor Dale?" I say that my name is Duchess and I am from San Diego. This man gets all excited and screams, "YES! Rev. Duchess- I've been to your church!"
"Pacific Church?" "Yes! And I just have to give you a hug." By now, I am thinking I am making this up in my head. I agree to the hug but told him that it would have to be a quick one as we were running late for a show. This really happy-faced man gets out of his car and gives me a big bear hug. I ask him his name and he tells me and I put it all together. He was so happy that I did remember him. I asked him if he was living in Vegas now and he said yes. I tell him he has to go to Rev Doug's church. He was very excited because he said he hadn't found a church yet. I holler out to Rev. Doug's partner to tell me the time of service on Sunday and I end up giving the gentleman directions after all!

Now what are the odds of that??? And this bit of serendipity may bring him to Rev Doug's church community.
K E W L !!!!

Ok, here's the story that makes me giggle and blush and has to stay in Vegas--
Last night, we all went out to Baja Fresh for a quick bite of dinner before the Wednesday night church service. There are 10 of us in line waiting to place our orders. The piped-in music was really melodic and enjoyable Latin salsa music. I guess I am having a good time because I am dancing in line for a song or two. After I placed my order, I stepped off to the side to wait. While waiting, this very pretty young woman come up to me and said hello. She proceeded to tell me that she and her friend were watching me dance and that I am a very good dancer. I sputter a thank you. Then she asked me about the necklace I was wearing. (I wear my Bio-Cell pendant that has Jo Blaine's beautiful Mandalas painted on each side). She seems very interested and I go on to tell her how the Bio-Cell work to defect EMF's. She asked me if I do Reiki. Well, no, I don't but I know what it is and I believe in metaphysical and estoric healings. She gives me a high-five and goes back to her table.

Rev. Doug comes up to me and says, "You just got hit on during a minister's conference in Las Vegas". No way. Are you sure??. I began to blush and of course, the more that was said the redder I got. Rev. Doug said he was sorry for me that it wasn't a guy. But I was not upset that it was a woman instead of a man,I was grateful--first of all, getting noticed and appreciated is a good thing no mater the gender; and, did anyone notice how attractive and young she was?? She was clearly a student at the nearby University. However, If she was hitting on me, I was damn flattered!

Okay, now the piece de resistance-- we got to see the new Cirque du Soleil show, "KA."
I have never seen anything like this. The magnitude of this production--in size, scope, creativity, talent defy description.
It was indeed full of acrobatic prowess. It is a theatrial spectacle beyond human comprehension. Some of the feats they acheived I didn't think would be humanly possible.The show is a cross between Julie Taymor meets Terry Gilliam and RIdley Scott on the Titanic. We were seated in the fourth row of the orchestra (with seats that had speakers in each seat as you leaned back) and it was unnerving and awesome when these acrobats went flying out over our heads. And then there was the rumble scene that outdid the Sharks and the Jets because it was choreographed on a 40 foot stage that had just rotated to a vertical position above the stage. Yes, the performers were on wires to assist them--but the fact that they could stand let alone dance or sommersault on an electric stage that rotated to a complete vertical, suspended position. OH and then there were the male performers inside a giant (and I mean HUGE) rotating hamster wheel contraption that rolled out of "Blade Runner" as the acrobat jumped rope on top of it and then some. It is hard to describe and almost impossible to do it justice.

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, please inlcude the show, KA. You will be very glad you did.

VIVA Las Vegas!


joy said…
Hey Rev,
We just returned from our trip and i am surfing and what do i see? Viva Las Vegas??? yea. Makes me smile another reason for loving it is -- us.

Glad your trip there was great. you are very loved. let's talk soon.
Don Converse said…
That is a great story Rev. By the way, was the show you saw accompanied by Beatles music? I have been hearing an ad on the radio that there is a Cirque du Soleil show with Beatle music. I think you would have mentioned this however.

I love the part about the man that had attended our church. I have witnessed many people over the years come up to you and acknowledge the fact that they know you. I am not really surprised at your serendipitis meeting no matter where you travel. Sounds like a great trip.

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