This post is dedicated to John Lennon. It is hard to believe this the anniversary of his death. I cannot imagine a life without his art, his gift to us all. Thank you, John.

This is also my father's birthday. I guess I cannot really imagine my life without his contribution. Wish I had the chance to tell him that.

What is it today that you cannot imagine living without? Air? Food? Music? Puppy breath? Love, love, love? However you answer that question, take some time today to acknowledge and bless that "it" (and I don't necessarily mean e-Bay) in your life.


Synchronicities are still hoppin' and a poppin' for me lately. I had Kyxy radio on yesterday while I was puttering and cleaning. I am going through stacks of papers that I had stuffed in a box to see what to keep or release or... Just as I picked up a folded piece of paper to open it and read it, a commercial for Westfield Shopping Malls was playing in the background as I opened the paper and the headline was yeah, you guessed it: Westfield Shopping Malls. It was a list of the malls around San Diego and the stores included in each mall. Why in the world I kept that sheet of paper from one of my infrequent mall visits in the first place, let alone uncover it while simultaneously the local radio station was airing a commercial for that very thing...that is no coincidence.I only wish I could figure out the deeper signifigance. It has to be more than a hint to go shopping. And today, while online updating information on my Verizon account page, the radio was playing a Verizon commercial just as I clicked onto the site. Maybe it's just some cosmic wiring I have with Kyxy radio station . . .

want to determine a way to use these "signs" to assist or educate or confirm or...or... there is a vast reservoir of energy here that I want to use for good.

With the new beta blogger options, I might be changing the template and/or format of the blog for the new year (or before). How would y'all feel about my adding certain banner ads that are complementary or connected to topics I blog about? It would not be random ads or supporting websites that I did not agree with --I am just considering all the new options.

Enjoy your weekend.


Sunshine said…
I could not live without being of service to others; expressing love to people everywhere.
Sunshine said…
Speaking of synchronicities...The other day I was listening to KYXY, then this song was playing, "I Hope You Dance", by Lee Ann Womack, and I was on my way to meeting my friend, Monica, who choreographed my dance performance to this song for a class I was taking. I started crying...being fully alive at that moment that I performed the dance touches my heart all the time. I have a plaque on my wall that says " I hope you dance." from my dearest friend Duchess. Reminds me every day of who I truly am always Dancing with God. YES.
Sunshine said…
adding certian banner ads is great for supporting others

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