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Friday night

My vacation is about to wrap up and I am eager to cram in so many projects, chores and fun activities. I appreciated the 'down' time but a part of me wishes I had something exciting to report.

Sam and I have gotten closer--that's a good thing.

We still have no word on the theatre as being our new Sunday service space. Yet, we have to continue to keeping moving forward in knowingness that our plans and God's vision is unfolding. This is a great opportunity to stand in principle of "acting as if" and not getting stuck in waiting for the details or confirmation.

Looking forward to Sunday with our special guest, Gregg Levoy. His book, "Callings" is one of my top ten. Rev. Kathy used his book when she spoke here in her Wednesday series of lectures. This is a good time to have someone like MR. Levoy to guide us as a community to our calling, our right place and purpose.

Goodnight and see you Sunday.


Hot Monkey Love

Yes, you read that right.

For my vacation, I went to the Hot Monkey Love Cafe. Now don't get the wrong idea -this is a coffee house with music. Joel Anderson, TK Ekrom and I went to hear Joe Rathburn. Joe has played at church several times. He is a FINE musician. Love listening to his music. I really appreciate accoustic guitar. He was joined tonight by Jim Earp and they were wonderful. Their rendition of Eleanor Rigby was awesome.

It is really great to go out and support our community.
I want to do it more. And I love listening to live music. usually, I don't have thursday nights off so this was a treat. And Kristi plays on Saturday nights at The Cove and that usually is not a good night for me to be out either.

I am eager to see where we will move to so that we can do more entertainment nights.

Sammy sends his love.


Marching on

Good Morning,
Beautiful San Diego morning today. Although I had thought today I would be eyeing the skies of Seattle on my mini-vacation.
Ah well, best laid plans and all that.
So I am here with Sammy as the repairman fixes the heater that has been out for a week. It has gotten crispy at night and early mornings,.

So this vacation was about down time not travel and adventure. Guess I needed it. I was even able to fend off a bit of a bug with mass doses of Airborne and lots of naps.

Getting things done around the house. Reading. Seeing movies. And just taking it nice and easy.


Work in progress

Although the official opening is March 1st, I wanted to check in with everyone to advise them that as the new website is being uploaded, there may be some down time on the server and some connection challenges. Bear with us.

I am so proud of our service and Annual Meeting yesterday.
I will write more details about that on Wednesday.

Thanks to our Web Team ---John, Tim, Jeanne and Victoria for their efforts to get this launched.

The Vacation Rev