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Speaking of musicals, join us tomorrow night as we show the DVD of "RENT"
some of us will be in the back row singing along and dancing.
those of you seeing for the first time, get front row seats. $5.00

: )

Friday, March 10th

It appeared that my blog was clogged and I was unable to post before now...

Thanks to the folks who are starting to check in and read and some even respond. It's great to know that we are building a web of interconnectivity.

And with Rev.Michael on his way in his motorhome to drive to Vancouver, I have a way to keep him updated; and he can also send us posts and maybe even photos! Safe journey to you and Gaia.

Frankly, this has been an intense week with a bunch of miscellaneous stuff snapping at my heels the way Sammy snaps when he is trying to herd animals... or even people.
(Do we have a full moon? Is Mercury about to go retrograde? I can feel something afoot.

We are still looking at various sites for our church home. However, one of the monkey wrenches tossed into the mix this week is that the La Mesa church poised to take over our space has run into their own log-jam and their escrow did not close this week as planned. Soooooo for right now, we do not have to move in the next t…

March 7th

Good Morning,

A crisp, windy and clear day here in SD. So much is swirling around right now. My mind is filled with thoughts, ideas and questions.

I am so excited and proud of our new website. It is vibrant in design and expression and rich in possibility.Don't ya love seeing the photos of our members! And the new email service is great--I can open what people send me. By the way, FYI--when we switched over to the new server anything I had in my old inbox got lost--so if you didn't hear from me around the March 1st date (give or take a day or two) please don't take it personally. I am re-creating my address book, too. So if it was important please re-send. Thank you WebTeam.

And although, right now, only a few are following my blog, I know that can and will grow. I want our cyber community to be an extension of our actual community; a way to connect and stay in touch with one another.

The HomeTeam meets tonight and there are new ideas poppng as to where we shall be for o…

Spirit's calling us a little bit deeper...

Dear Ones,
As promised, I wantd to update our moving status.
What I know as of today, March 6th (Oh-and Happy Birthday, Grace Hill!). We did not get the lease at the North Park Theatre. The other church that was bidding was chosen.
Back to the proverbial drawing board. Gratefully, it is Spriti's drawing board and therefore, I know it will be a big board with lots of wonderful images about to appear.

Yes, there is/was human disappointment about this part of our new adventure not panning out as we had hoped. It is a glorious theatre and I wish the other church well in their endeavours there.

What I do know is that there our RIGHT location is coming to us as I type this. The cosmic wheels are turning, the practitioners are a prayin' and all is well.

We are still waiting to hear from the La Mesa church that is desiring to assume our current Mission Valley site. I believe that some time today, their paperwork will be complete and we will have a definit timeline from them that will work…

When I'm calling you....

WOW- what a great day! Our guest speaker, author Gregg Levoy was incredible. The Sunday service and his wonderul workshop were such a gift to our church. Sammy and I sat in the Quiet Room and took notes. I know that what Gregg shared with us was so important for us. We sold out of his books, too. I could feel the shift and I know powerful things are going to start taking place. We are so blessed to have such wonderful guests and authors join us at Pacific Church. Signing off for tonight. Will have news on our move tomorrow. Stay tuned.