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Rainy Saturday 3/18

Well, I woke up this morning with a craggy voice and achey all over. (TMI, huh?) Not from too much celebrating the Green either.
I have been fending off a 'bug' for over a week and my pattern is that if I keep moving and working, I can keep it at bay. Once I stop and.or rest, the body says "Oh, here's something you can do now that you have time." Thank goodness for Airborne and prayer.

Sammy is staying at Uncle Roger's while I am gone. It worked out as a bonus that I didn't have to go out in this storm while I am under the weather,too.And I already miss him. But I am glad is with family and his other doggie buddies to keep him happy and busy.

And then the thought of packing for a trip always puts me at sixes and sevens. I never know what to pack to be "just right." All the other Revs come dressed in their Sunday finest and I wonder how they do it and how many suitcases they get to take on the plane. I think comfy and easy when travelling but suc…

Top O' the Morning To Ya..

This is the Green Patrol... oh, wait, I see you...consider yourself PINCHED!
Now go put on some green.
Even if you're not Irish, or know someone who's Irish, wearing of the green is grand thing. Remember, green is the color of the Heart Chakra (the Irish are smarter than ya think) and it is also the color of money. Even Sammy McDog is wearing a green bow. So how can you go wrong sporting the grand green all day long?

And for a lovely lesson on the spirituality of the trinity in honor of today, see the Science of Mind magazine with Rev. Diane Harmony's Daily Guides.

The Home Team has been following up on several site leads, but nothing definitive to report. Which is just as well as I am heading off to Vancouver this Sunday morning. I shall spend all day tomorrow cleaning and packing.

So, c'mon everybody,..."when Irish eyes are smilin'.."
and they are!


Ides of March

...really means the I'd of March because there is a bunch of stuff I'd like to do or get done by now.
But I digress...and I hadn't really even started.

Another gorgeous day here in paradise. Although a bit chilly the sky and clouds have been so postcard perfect who cares if I am wearing a sweater and scarf sitting in my office.

No news on the move front other than the Move Team met last night and had a rousing planning meeting. Inquiry calls have been made, sites are being checked out and prayers are in the hopper.

For those of you who remember former Pacific CHurch member, Mark Davis, he made his transition on Monday. There will be a memorial service on Sunday at 2:00 at Midtown Church. I will be in Vancouver and unable to attend so take our blessings.

2 more days till GREEN ABOUNDS!

Outta here.

Rev DD

Mid-March Monday

What a glorious day in San Diego! Those clouds! And snow all around us. We send warm thoughts to Rev.Michael and Gaia to melt the snow for their journey to Vancouver.

Yesterday's Sunday service was powerful, if I do say so myself. There has a been a shift in consciousness emerging, pushing itself through us. And this past week's guests and events have only added to that. Gregg Levoy and Ray Bradbury left indelible imprints on us--Ok, well, I will speak for myself--on me. And therefore, I know it trickles down to others. It was palpable yesterday.

We are now taking stock and looking to see what is before us to do. The Home Team is being reviewed and will re-focus on what and where to go next. Don Converse stepped up at yesterday's Board meeting to be willing to serve the Home team and John Kurko in whatever needs to be done to get us on the right track for finding our new home. We are still accepting leads from anyone about leasing space (thank you to those who have …