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April the First

No foolin'....
No one commented on my last post, so I have no idea how many folks actually read it. For the record, I am improved if not better. I have a cough, cloggy head and sound like I have a head cold. But I know I will have what it takes for service tomorrow. eager to be there since I have been gone for 2 weeks. geesh. I have never missed two Sunday's in a row.

Easter is around the corner and the big bunny is thumping...or is that my head pounding? oh well.

Sammy the Grime Dog has been pouty but patient with me since I have not been well enough to take him on his early morning mile walk; or the three other walks throughout the day. I managed two short jaunts today but walking Sammy is no slight task; he is on purpose and walking is working to him. It takes a lot of energy. I have brushed him 3x today as he is losing his winter coat. Right now he is sleeping and did that cute doggie thing of wrapping his paws around his nose.

I am going to indulge myself since it is Ap…

End O' March

Blah blah blog. My voice returned and now sounds like a Barry White chipmunk on Nyquil. Oh well. I stayed home from work today because this was more than I could manage. Slept a lot which means I needed it. Sammy was pouty but patient. Thanks Uncle Roger for taking Sammy out for an afternoon adventure to Shelter Island. Sam needs a lot of attention and activity and I was not capable of it today.

I cancelled practitioner class tonight because I was not up to teaching and my other TA's both were down with their version of this crudbug. And then I heard from others within the church who are having similar health challenges. Hmmmm. Interesting.
So it is a good time to remember, that we are healthy, whole and complete just as we are and just as we are not. We don't have to buy into being under the weather. Personally, I know that if I wasn't overtired or working through "stuff" i would not have been an accomodating vehicle for this bug to take residence. I am ma…

Blog is an appropriate title today

Blogged is what I feel today. Last night, the onset of some buggy crud thingie started to descend upon me and I found myself this morning with a rotten case of laryngitis. Havent had that for a looooong time. OK, all the Religious Scientists out there, repeat after me: "What don't you want to say, Rev. Duchess?" Verrry funny SOM humour, dontcha think? NOT!
And yet, I can already sense the value of the silence.

Working through the stuff...

My hands and fingers are tired of writing and typing fast so that i could communicate with Patti and John at the office today. So grateful to have this cyber venue to expand communications. Since most folks don't use ASL and my skills are minimal, I am left to type and write as fast as i can. A frustraing experience and I am learning from that too.

Glad the sun has come out. The rain was hard and heavy during my sleepless night.

wellll, I have been in the office since 7;30 am to get caught up. It is now 3:00 and I think I need to h…

Sammy's home!

It's tuesday and it's raining. Hmmmm. The rain suits Vancouver better than San Diego. However, the good news is that Sammy is home from Camp Roger. I can tell he had fun with Murphy there because he came home all dirty and I gave him a sponge bath; and then combed enough hair to create a small poodle for his companion. I am grateful for his loving care from Uncle Roger that allowed me to be gone for a week. He is now sqwinkling up the rug to get juuuust right to lie down near me while I type.

And speaking of dogs...welcome to Miss Sally! Joel Anderson and John Pritchard have adopted a new girl in the family. Sally is a rescue greyhound approx. 3 years old. She is beautiful and once she gets acclimated, maybe Joel will bring her to church to play with Sammy and all of us.

There was to be a Foundational class starting tonight, but we only had three people sign up and the class really needs at least 6 people to make it work. So Patti contacted the sign-ups to notify them that w…

I'm baaaaaack!

It' Sunday night at 11:05 p.m. and I am home from beautiful Vancouver and although, there is no time change, I find am I am trying to re-adjust and not quite "back" yet.
There is so much to share...
I probably won't try to cover everything in this first retutrn blog as it would be lengthy.
It is also odd as I don't really know how many folk are really reading the blog to warrant a detailed memoir. Suffice to say, it was a good trip and an interesting Gathering. I should invite Stacy Williams to blog a bit, too as it was her first Gathering as our Youth Delegate and she may have a different perspective; as would, Rev. Suzette and Cindy May from their vantage points.

Many of you recall that one of the key pieces of the Gathering was it's business and bylaw revisions and votes. And I am not going to be stealth about this or hedge and make anyone wait till I get back for next Sunday (which by the way is DST, so set your clocks now and beat the rush!).
Let me tell it …