07 April, 2006

Friday the 7th O' April

Happy to say that I feel like I am on the mend. Still have laryngitis but I can tell there is a difference. I have stayed off the phone, not talked to people (which often annoys them when you are out in public.) I try to smile or wave but people take offense when you don't say hello or good morning. This gives me an interesting perspective when I have judged people for not being social when I pass them and offer a pleasantry. Maybe one of those people had no voice. Ok, so the little kid in me sez that if that was true, they would be smiling at the very least and gesticulating their friendliness. Oh, the things we think. Anyway, I make sue I wave and smile broadly so that my neighbors don't think I have gone sour.

It's been a lovely day. Glad no rain so that my short walks with Sammy I could stay warm and dry. He is being so patient because I am not yet up to the usual long walks we take. He misses it when i don't go into work. He loves being at church! And the site offers him his own private park. Greeting guests and herding chairs--who could ask for more?

The newsclip that is sweeping the web today about the Town Hall with Pres. Bush is quite interesting. There was an actual real person with their own real question Already, a stellar concept. I first read about it as text, then someone forwarded the CNN clip. I was struck by the clarity and compassion (not to mention courage) it took for Harry Taylor to address the President in that fasion. Good for Dubya for not having the man escorted out. Watching the clip allowed me to marvel (as did Mr. Taylor) the grace and power of the ability to be able to have that dialogue in the first place. And it afforded something I don't think I have ever had before--a bit of undstanding compassion for GW. No, it's not the prescription I am taking, I mean it. I was able to get to a place of softness for him. Not that I disagreed with Mr. Taylor but for once Mr. Bush coudln't dismiss this as a rabble-rouser,or radical jerk or anything other than another human being with a heavy heart. And it must have been hard for Mr. Bush because even he could sense the genuineness. Ouch. And Mr. Taylor, a gentleman and a scholar, thank you for being my voice today.

Ok, enough of that.... let me tell you about a taste of heaven that I was given. Chocolate Chai Candy. OH MY GAWD! Now all I need is a Starbucks latte and welll.... Second only to the Lavender Cocoa I drank in Vancouver, this piece of candy was a treat. The word candy doesn't do it justice. Dessert.

And I can say that I have relaxed into this enforced silence and I am appreiating it to no end. I know there will be wonderful things revealed.

TIme for the Padres game. I can watch that while starting my taxes.

With liberty in pursuit of my happiness,

06 April, 2006

Silent Movie

That's kind of what it feels like---a surreal, silent movie. Or maybe the actors nightmare--I'm the lead and I can't remember my lines. Or in this case, I can't speak them. Welcome toLaryngitis Day # 4.

Grateful today for the sunshine--both the kind overhead that allows me to not get wet or chilled--and our church angel, Sunshine who came over for the second time this week to give Sammy his morning walk.

I did go into the office for a few hours so I could handle the mail and sign checks, etc. John Kurko has been holding down the proverbial fort for us this week. whew. Then, I went to Kaiser to see the doctor. Yep, I knew that this 'crud' was hanging on way too long and I needed medical intervention. No details because after all, this is the WWW. Suffice to say, I have been charged with complete vocal rest and other stuff. In addition to wanting this too, to pass, I know I need to pay attention and ensure that I am clear, healhty and strong for Easter next week. (Easter is next week?????) So I am going to follow doctors orders--her treatment plan and God's. By the way, thank you everyone who has been sending prayers and blasts of light and love. I so appreciate that. And I am sure it got me through last Sunday and allowed me to to not have this worse than it is.

Those of you who have been waiting to talk to me or see me, sorry. I am now doing everything I can to be back on track and vibrant by next week. So I can teach class on Tuesday, go into the office, have appts. and share the glory of Easter with y'all.
I will do my best to get in touch with everyone next week and schedule time together. Remember, that if anything comes up that you need immediate support, please contact one of the practitioners, or our Mnistry of Prayer phone line, 619-497-2250.

This is a unique experience. Today, I had a chance to listen to my Sunday talk from last week. Interesting. I think I needed to listen to what Spirit was expressing through me. ( Brother Lawrence's prayer was right on about Spirit moving through me with what needed to be said.) So I noticed that I have had all this time "off" or away from most of the daily work grind and I jusged that I wasn't using the time well. I started to listen to the "inner voice" and then the Committee took over. It became voices of the "shoulds"; voices about what I needed to; should do; the critical voice that was angry that I wasn't feeling better yet; and why does a Religious Scientist Minister have to take so long to heal or "lost her voice" in the first place??? The louder those voices got, the more I couldn't hear the still small voice that was beginning to reveal why I was silent in the first place. Gee, is it any wonder, I still have laryngitis and need to be home resting??? Geesh.

My prayers have shifted now from being/feeling healhty, whole and complete yada yada to revealing to me that which I need to know or understand from all this. My prayer is to release my own impatience and judgment about getting sick in the first place. That change will support and heal my thoughts and enable the medications to do their physical healing in conjunction with consciousness.

"There's a kind of hush...."


05 April, 2006

Wet Wednesday

Downpour. Sunshine. Rain. Wind. What gives???
Ah well.... as I sit once again at home, I have more time to contemplate. Guess Spirit isn't finished with my 'retreat' yet.
Thank you to Aunt Sunshine yesterday who gave Sammy a long walk in the 'hood and today, Pasto Kurko with his humanitarian (or rather, caninetarian) visit this morning to take Sammy for his walk. We will have to enlist him in the Animal Kinship Ministry.

hey, Katherine did great last night on "Idol". I personally voted for her over 30 times. I couldn't believe how i could just keep calling and calling. Love that redial button. Guess i will be home again tonight to watch results.

This blog is now off and running. Jo has lit a fire to let us stir things up and we are starting to get comments posted to her comments. For those of you new to blogs, you often to do a little back reading to get the gist. you will notice that Jo's comments to my last blog show up first; then the subsequent posts (comments)-- including my comment to her comment-- show up in the order they are then received. That gives the reader a way to read in sequence even though it is not chronological of the most recent being first. Did that make sense?

Anyway...Jo has invited a very lovely elephant into the BlogRoom for observation and discussion. This is what dialogue is all about and a blog one of the coolest ways to engage in open communication. Help us get the word out that this is a great place to spend some cyber time (after your prayer time, of course!) We can discuss ideas and issues that we have no venue for during a Sunday service. And it takes courage to not only bring this issues up for discussion but to put it out there on the world wide web. As a reminder, if at any time you feel the need to have a private response, you may still e-mail me directly without posting. revdd@pacificchurch.net

I agree that no one wants us to physically move...again. Even with some of the faults of our current location (let's start with those poles; and we are not really in a community per se) And on the other hand, as TK mentioned, no one wants us to be struggling with the rent or be out of financial inegrity.

And that is why I encourage all of us to be mediating, praying and VISIONING on our right place and right actions. Even Rev. David Phears reminded us of that 2 weeks ago.

So have at it folks. What do you think?

In appreciation
and with love

04 April, 2006

Catch McPheever!

No, I dont mean I want y'all to come down with the bug that appears to still be biting me... (yes, I am still at home, and no, I don't have my voice back yet).

McPheever refers to Katherine McPhee on American Idol tonight! I have emailed several folks to tune to watch and support Katherine and to be sure to VOTE for her.. a lot! Katherine is the beautiful and talented daughter of my dear friend, Peisha McPheeand pianist Mel Dangcil, are from L.A. have often come to Pacific Church as our special musical guests.
Last week, it was hairy because Katherine almost got not-voted to stay. I say it that way as it wasn't that she isn't talented and deserving but I think she fell into the category of everyone knowing she is great and thinking either that she didn't need your vote or that everyone else would vote for her anyway. Fortunately, she stayed on but she really needs your vote this week.
Even the judges agree she is the most talented (no small task right there) and I wouldn't ask you to vote for her if she didn't merit it. "Idol" is not my favorite show and I can't believe I am actually following it (even while I was in Canada) but I am thrilled to support Katherine and her mother. (You can see Peisha in the audience as support.)

This is the only (Mc)Pheever i want anymore.

My goal is to be back at work tomorrow and up to par. If not, i will continue to rest and stay strong towards being up to SUnday service.

SOooooo, I continue to listen. Conetmplate, meditate and pray. There is so much going on inside my mind to pay attention to.
And if my arm wasn't so weary of typing and writing on the erasable whiteboard, i would be doing more writing. Reading and writing right now, seem to be the venue of expression.

Hey for those of you out there that need more cuteness in your life.......try this site:
a great site for photos and articles that are so cute it is almost sacchrine. And maybe if all of us went to the site when we needed a cute fix, we could lighten our e-mail inbox by refraining sending so many of those irresistible cute forwards everyone feels impelled to send...

I appreciate hearing back from you comments to my post. Please feel free to post on the blog so others can share. And remember, if you need it to be private you can always just e-mail me directly.

Thanks again to Tim Kasnoff and John Kurko for getting me up and running on this blog. And there are so many new options to blogging that I have yet to learn. So many blogs, so llitle time.

Oh and did I mention that... PADRES RULE!! We kicked Giant butt yesterday. (Can I say that on a blog??)


03 April, 2006

Opening Day

It is so good to have a venue by which to communicate and express. Because it appears that I pushed a little too hard yestserday and now I have no voice--not even a squeak. Whispers are hard and go mostly unheard when trying to use the phone. ARGH. SO frustrating. Not to mention I am not amused that I am still down for the count. ARGH again....

Yesterday's service seemed different to me. Not sure if it was vecause of my health and state of mind, or if there was a shift. Anyone out there have any feedback?

Glad it didn't rain so it is not so cold. Poor Sam--he is patient but doesn't understand why Mom is not up and walking him all over town. About noon, I took him for a short walk 7-8 blocks to the post office for his R & R. Now if I could only get him a bath-his dry skin is making us both crazy while he scratches and thumps. he had the best day yesterday at church. the happiest I have seen him. Herding people and chairs; running around the lawn, grinning and playing. Even snitching food after service. Who does he think he is? A dog???

The highlight for me being home is that today is Opening Day for the Padres. I know some of our fellow church members are actaully attending the game. Waaaaaah. Yet, I will get better close ups from home. And this will be the first game(of many) that Sam and I have watched and I will see if he is baseball fan or not. ( I now have visions of the Padres costumes I can put him in for Petco photos for the big screen during games). So we will KNOW together that the rain will not arrive until waaaaay after the game.

Guess I have some more inner listening to do.

be well


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