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Friday the 7th O' April

Happy to say that I feel like I am on the mend. Still have laryngitis but I can tell there is a difference. I have stayed off the phone, not talked to people (which often annoys them when you are out in public.) I try to smile or wave but people take offense when you don't say hello or good morning. This gives me an interesting perspective when I have judged people for not being social when I pass them and offer a pleasantry. Maybe one of those people had no voice. Ok, so the little kid in me sez that if that was true, they would be smiling at the very least and gesticulating their friendliness. Oh, the things we think. Anyway, I make sue I wave and smile broadly so that my neighbors don't think I have gone sour.

It's been a lovely day. Glad no rain so that my short walks with Sammy I could stay warm and dry. He is being so patient because I am not yet up to the usual long walks we take. He misses it when i don't go into work. He loves being at church! And the…

Silent Movie

That's kind of what it feels like---a surreal, silent movie. Or maybe the actors nightmare--I'm the lead and I can't remember my lines. Or in this case, I can't speak them. Welcome toLaryngitis Day # 4.

Grateful today for the sunshine--both the kind overhead that allows me to not get wet or chilled--and our church angel, Sunshine who came over for the second time this week to give Sammy his morning walk.

I did go into the office for a few hours so I could handle the mail and sign checks, etc. John Kurko has been holding down the proverbial fort for us this week. whew. Then, I went to Kaiser to see the doctor. Yep, I knew that this 'crud' was hanging on way too long and I needed medical intervention. No details because after all, this is the WWW. Suffice to say, I have been charged with complete vocal rest and other stuff. In addition to wanting this too, to pass, I know I need to pay attention and ensure that I am clear, healhty and strong for Easter next …

Wet Wednesday

Downpour. Sunshine. Rain. Wind. What gives???
Ah well.... as I sit once again at home, I have more time to contemplate. Guess Spirit isn't finished with my 'retreat' yet.
Thank you to Aunt Sunshine yesterday who gave Sammy a long walk in the 'hood and today, Pasto Kurko with his humanitarian (or rather, caninetarian) visit this morning to take Sammy for his walk. We will have to enlist him in the Animal Kinship Ministry.

hey, Katherine did great last night on "Idol". I personally voted for her over 30 times. I couldn't believe how i could just keep calling and calling. Love that redial button. Guess i will be home again tonight to watch results.

This blog is now off and running. Jo has lit a fire to let us stir things up and we are starting to get comments posted to her comments. For those of you new to blogs, you often to do a little back reading to get the gist. you will notice that Jo's comments to my last blog show up first; then the subsequent …

Catch McPheever!

No, I dont mean I want y'all to come down with the bug that appears to still be biting me... (yes, I am still at home, and no, I don't have my voice back yet).

McPheever refers to Katherine McPhee on American Idol tonight! I have emailed several folks to tune to watch and support Katherine and to be sure to VOTE for her.. a lot! Katherine is the beautiful and talented daughter of my dear friend, Peisha McPheeand pianist Mel Dangcil, are from L.A. have often come to Pacific Church as our special musical guests.
Last week, it was hairy because Katherine almost got not-voted to stay. I say it that way as it wasn't that she isn't talented and deserving but I think she fell into the category of everyone knowing she is great and thinking either that she didn't need your vote or that everyone else would vote for her anyway. Fortunately, she stayed on but she really needs your vote this week.
Even the judges agree she is the most talented (no small task right there) and …

Opening Day

It is so good to have a venue by which to communicate and express. Because it appears that I pushed a little too hard yestserday and now I have no voice--not even a squeak. Whispers are hard and go mostly unheard when trying to use the phone. ARGH. SO frustrating. Not to mention I am not amused that I am still down for the count. ARGH again....

Yesterday's service seemed different to me. Not sure if it was vecause of my health and state of mind, or if there was a shift. Anyone out there have any feedback?

Glad it didn't rain so it is not so cold. Poor Sam--he is patient but doesn't understand why Mom is not up and walking him all over town. About noon, I took him for a short walk 7-8 blocks to the post office for his R & R. Now if I could only get him a bath-his dry skin is making us both crazy while he scratches and thumps. he had the best day yesterday at church. the happiest I have seen him. Herding people and chairs; running around the lawn, grinning and playing…