15 April, 2006

Soggy Saturday

We are not amused that it is a rainy day today.
Does anyone have a connection to Petco Park so we could borrow the groundskeeper's drying machine for the field? I so want us to have a dry lawn tomorrow for our Easter Egg Hunt.

It is soggy inside too. I guess I am a mush or a wuss or an underdog diva....I am watching the 1993 film, "Rudy." I loved it and wept when I first saw it, and haven't seen it since. Starring Sean Astin as this little guy whose big dream is to play for Notre Dame and how it comes to pass. Yeah, and I still watching re-runs of "Rocky." and cry. Maybe coz "Rudy" is about Irish and about being small in stature and big of heart and dreams, it really gets to me. It is a true story by the way. And according to the facts up till then, no other player since 1975 has ever been carried off the field as they did for Rudy. Pass the kleenex.

The human spirit, the American spirit--heck, the Spirit of it touches me deeply. I want to be a Rudy or a Rocky or the coach in "Hoosiers" (funny, these are all inspiring sports films and not musicals...did I miss my calling?)

Although feeling better, I am not back to my 100%, so I am laying low and taking it slow and talking only when necessary. Working on my talk for Easter service tomorrow. Great day for reflection and contemplation. For me, there has definitely been a resurrection in the making of late.

Oh and for those who might be interested, on Monday on CNBC there is a new show called, "American Made" at 8 or 11 p.m. and the first show will higlight Mr. Howard Schultz, author of "Pour Your Heart Into It" and the man behind what we know of today's Starbucks success.



12 April, 2006

IDOL-a- tree

I have tried to give some breathing space to the blog so that I don't blog things up. It seems as if I could blog for a long tme each day. And I want to be sure people have a chance to log in, read what's current and not feel back-logged. Or would that be back-blogged?

IDOL. American Idol. Can't believe I am talking about that show or even watching it. As you know, I am tuning in because of Katherine McPhee, a family friend. She is the beautiful daughter of my beautiful friend, Peisha McPhee. And it was so cool tonight to see the video clips of Mc Mom and McPop talking about their talented daughter. I am glad she is moving on to next week as she so deserves to. And very glad that Bucky is off the island. How did he ever get there in the first place? I have just learned that it is more than a show, it is a community, a way of life. There are websites and other TV shows dedicated to following the show and it's contestants. There is a whole market subsidiary for commercializing more than just the vocal talents of these young people. I don't know what to think of all this. And ohmygawd, I am water-cooler talking about American Idol????? Get me to a library.

Went back to work today in full swing. Staff meeting, things to do, calls to make, people to see. I was hoarse and a bit weary but made it through. Glad I could come home and lay low tonight. tomorrow, is my 14 hour day with work, appointments, meetings and teaching Practitioner class that night.

This Easter season has been quite the process, I can say that. And I am looking forward to the resurrection and gladness on Sunday. Not to mention the next episode of "The Sopranos."

Well,that is enough for the evening. I have turned off all audio instruments, will turn off this lovely iBook shortly and I shall fill my soul with prose before sleep.

Rev. DD

10 April, 2006


Spent the day preparing my taxes to take my CPA. It didn't go as effortlessly as I had hoped ---yeah, yeah, it I had done more work in advance and not waited till I came back from Vancouver and then got sick and wasn't up to doing the stuff...yada yada

However, all went well. And I got home just as the rain began so I could be inside and warm. My first day with most of my voice back I sound a little hoarse so I have kept talking to a minimum. I did notice how I began to talk again--especially to Sammy--but I went right back to old habits of talking to myself. As an only child, I got used to talking to myself as I do things. I talk a lot to different things. I talk to the world around me--nature, traffic, things around the house. of course, a more lofty approach to that would be to say that in my innate omniscience, I always knew that all life has energy and we are all One, so why not talk to my car and name it? I think inanimate objects respond better when you talk to them. Although I guess you can't really call a car or a computer inanimate...

Complete ADD seque--did you know they still make Ovaltine?? I saw a commercial for it on TV tonight. My mom used to like Ovaltine and tried to get me to drink it. But you couldn't fool me--hot chocolate, Nesquick or Hershey's was always better.

Tomorrow, I go into work to get caught up a bit before I begin teaching the Foundational class. I love teaching that class because it really does change one's life. And I get to learn over and over. I am conserving energy and voice to be ready for this busy week.

This viral bout has served me well. I have been in observation of some old patterns and also got to see some things differently. There will be more insights I am sure especially as I try to use what wisdom I gleaned. I do admit some trepidation about returning to work after having been away sooooo long. I dont' want to over-do. Sammy will sure be glad for us to be back. he is certain that the chairs have gone askew and he needs to round them up again on our return.

Here's to hoping that everyone out there is feeling well or getting better. Many folks I have emailed lately had been hit by some sort of crud bug, too. It's hard to ignore that without going into race consciousness. And maybe it is not about germs being spread but about a collective period of rest and renewal done under the guise of "something's going around."

Well, till next time.

In Llight,

09 April, 2006

How the other half does Sundays...

It's weird enough to miss a Sunday service when I am travelling but to be at home, on a Sunday when I know that church is going on is bizaare. And it is Palm Sunday to boot. Good thing I am a Religous Scientist and don't have to be in church to know today's perfection.

Spirit called me awake today at 4.am. I knew I was to get up and do "work." I began journalling at 4:09 a.m. and as I dated my page, I realized today's date is 4/09. One of those cool mystical moments when you know something greater is at work. Sam sat with me as I wrote. I put sweats on over my PJ's to stay warm while we took our neighborhood walk --the long one so Sam could see Dan and get his biscuits. I went to get a newspaper, a muffin and a latte. Splurge-o-rama. Then I decadently and indulgently crawled back into bed to have breakfast and read the paper while classical music played in the background.

Then I decided to blog about it all to you!

My voice is back ever-so-slightly today. I sound faint but that is an improvement over the past week, so I am glad and shall remain silent today to ensure the healing. And with the onset of Spring, I can listen to the tweety birds instead of me.
I feel confident that by tomorrow I will be in full voice and can change my outgoint cell phone message that still tells people I am travelling in Canada.

Since it is still so early, I don't have a lot to share as yet. Other than my love and appreciation.
Enjoy this magnificent day.


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