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Happy Earth Day!

"I feel the earth move under my feet.." that is because so much is afoot.
tee hee
A wonderful day today. Much being revealed that is taking shape and I shall write about it as and when I can.

Right now, I am preparing to pack-well, actually, it would be better if I were actually packing--as I leave tomorrow moring for Asheville, N.C. Rev Michael is picking me up at --ARGH-- 4:59 a.m. for our 6:45 flight. oh my.
We are both on the UCORS Clergy Cabinet and facilitating the annual Minister's Convocation. This year, in the Smoky Mountains of Asheville. I am soooo eager and enthusiated. I am told I will love it with all the greenery.

On the heels of my recent bout of illness and Easter changes, this week away is perfectly timed. Although, it is a bit of work the primary thrust of this week is R & R for the minister's with an emphasis on fellowship. Many free day activities planned--inlcuding a day on the mountain top with shaman, Rocking Bear.

Easter service went reall…

Cyber Karma

I had just completed a verrrrrry long diatribe with many personal observations and because I closed the laptop to answer the phone, when I got back, it was vanished into cyber space. ARRRRRRGGGHH

Perhaps it was because I began to wax political and that is a dicey thing coming from a minister.
Or maybe, I just needed to write/vent for own edification. Yet, there were some gems in there and I regret that I did not write it in another format before coming to the blog. alas...

Suffice to say it is a beautiful day in San Diego. We have all moved along from our Easter hoppiness and are preparing for that which Spring brings.

Remember to watch American Idol tonight and vote for Katharine McPhee, please. Her mother and I thank you.

I will return to write more later when the muse returns.