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Quite a day....

For someone who has been deprived of Starbucks for four days, I almost made up for it by going three times today. At least, I had a different order at each one. The store outside the Biltmore Estates was really lovely. None of the stores here have any Asheville mugs but it was nice to see ye olde Chai tea again.

Went to tour the Biltmore Estates. oh yeah. I could live there. The green, the trees, the expanse. The opulence. And yet, once you've seen maid's quarters, you've seen them all. The library there was awesome. The volume of volumes. And it had my heart's desire of a rolling library ladder and those wrought-iron spiral stairs up to the next level. Oh, be still my biblioheart. And then I had such visions of doing Marion the Librarian from "The Music Man." ahhhhh

By the way, you know you're not in California when: there is smoking allowed, there are no toilet seat covers in the public bathrooms and there are only 3 movie theatres in town and they …

Alll Hail!

It is Thursday, April 27th (Happy Belated Birthday, Bob Dean) and I am still in beautiful and wet Asheville. Still not adjusted to the time change--I stay up late and have a hard time waking up.

Yesterday, the two buses took us up to the summit at Mt. Mitchell and it was pouring. At one point, it began to hail. Very hard. The driver had a hard time seeing so I ended up being his assistant and kept drying off the windows. I ended up sitting on the cup holder area so I could keep wiping the windows. We were up about 5,000 feet, in the clouds and a hailstorm. Geesh. We had to move to Plan b for our ceremony because of the storm and ended up having a Native American Dreaming ceremony in the Summit lodge. It was still a lovely experience and the drive down the mountain was a little less challenging. The trees and the green we could see made it so worthwhile. It is jigsaw puzzle photo perfect in these here parts.

After a two hour nap, we dressed and took the same two buses to …

Trees, trees, TREES!

Howdy y'all!
I am blogging to you from the Crowne Pointe Hotel in Asheville, N.C. and it is gorgoeus. Did I mention the trees? Green abounds--and makes up for the dearth of Starbucks green awnings.

Long travel day yesterday. Bumpy puddle jumper flight to Asheville from Cincinatti. Where I indulged in a brief waft of Cincinatti Reds mania from the airport. Rev. Michael was kind enough to allow our layover to be at Cincinatti instead of Atlanta so I could look for Ken Griffey, jr. stuff. We will do our layover in Atlanta on our return. And CIncinatti airport shares itself with the Northern Kentucky airport and so there were Kentucky Derby stuffs all over the place, too.

The Asheville airport is tiny. The baggage claim carousel only goes around twice a flight, so if you stop for any reason between the tarmack and the claim, you miss your luggage and you have to go to the ticketing desk to claim your luggage. On the way, there are men sitting around a table playing cards. Oh, and…