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Feliz Cinco de Mayo...

...or in my case, hold the mayo - I hate mayonaisse.
But I digress..

Haven't been on in awhile. Getting back from Asheville and dropping that dialect took some time. Getting my So Cal bearings again and back to work. Had a great time at the Convocation. Apprecation to my colleagues and particularly, the UCORS cabinet and Rev. Barbara and Dr. John Waterhouse for the hospitality.

Since it is a blog whereby I have some license to rant a bit may I just use this as a soapbox briefly? I have no patience for Phone Spam. It was bad enough with telemarketers invading our phone lines, but now there are electronic phone calls interrupting our lives with a sales pitch or political lobby or whatever. Argh. And many of those calls are the ones responsible for hang ups on our answering machines. Enough already. thanks for listening.

Ok, so here we are in May and much is going on. I have returned from Asheville, all fired up and rarin' to go. The gray May here is a contrast to the mean…

Church Day for most

Howdy, y'all!
Yep, I am gonna be talkin' like this few awhile, dontcha know...
Y'all are at church and I am in the business center of the hotel borrowing their (GULP) PC to enter today's blog. My roomie has left--as has most of the Convo guests. Rev. Michael and I are staying till tomorrow because we thought the UCORS Cabinet was meeting today. Yesterday, the closing events got crammed in to the evening program and we are actually free today. I coulda come home a day early (sorry, Sammy)...but then we would not have had the privilege of Rev. Kevin Bucy "coming home" to Pacific Church today. I am eager to hear the tape; and see how he enjoyed it, too.

It was crisp this morning, the sun is now out but a strong breeze. Rev. Sharon and I went into the Grove Arcade area and had brunch at the Laughing Seed --an international vegetarian restaurant. I had Tofu Benedictine. Yum. And organic coffee that was pretty decent. A little bit of shopping and then she is o…