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"Moving Right Along..."

"Moving Right Along..."
I remember Kermit singing that happy song in the first Muppet Movie. And that is the type of glee I feel when I think of our moving to a new Sunday location for services.
Yes, it's true, I am looking forward to a move.
And I have certainly had my share since coming to San Diego. The dreaded four letter word: M O V E
If you change one letter you have the word LOVE--so let's do that instead. Let's LOVE our move.

Yes, this move is giving us the opportunity to grow as a community; to be in better financial integrity with our income and expenses. Bigger than that (and that is no small thing) is the wonderful opportunity that this change affords us. A fresh new page for Pacific Church is writing as we celebrate 20 years and move into our new chapter. Many things at church had became stagnant and by rote, now we can approach everything with the fresh eyes of Spring and new beginnings and build anew the community we wish to be.

Our new church site is…

Bring on the Bekins...

...movers,that is. Does Bekins still exisit? Or it it only Starving Students and Do-It Yourself moving these days??

Yesterday was an exciting day for us. Our Board President, Jessi Benton Jones announced that Pacific Church will be moving to a new Sunday service location as of June 4th. GULP. That means only three more Sundays in Mission Valley. Speedy Gonzales where are you?

It may seem like a quickie move yet it has been in the works for over a year. And now we are seeking out the right Home Base location for our offices and classrooms,etc.

We are moving to Tierrasanta and rentng the Seventh Day Adventist church. Since they have their Sabbath on Saturdays, it leaves the place open for us. We will taking over their former sancutary as they have just moved into their beautiful new sanctuary on the same property. The energy there is so exquisite and sacred. THe church is ensconced between a Lutheran Church and a Catholic Church; with a Chinese church overlooking all three. So you …