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Tough Love Ain't Easy...

Hi, before I dash off to Sacramento tomorrow to do a wedding (I am really thrilled to be invited to do this wedding. it is for the granddaughter of a dear friend,a practitioner from Agape that I have known for years. ) I wanted to share some information with the Community.

After two weeks of prayer, I have come to the difficult decision that Sammy needs to go back to his previous foster parents. This is not an easy or overnight decision but the situation has clarified itself this week.

It seems that ever since I took Sam sheep herding, his instinctual responses and almost feral nature has heightened. His "shark attacks" (where he comes up behind sheep AND now, people, and snaps at their legs or heels) have increased. the episodes go beyond the folks around the church who know him and ignore it; but to guests, strangers, and particularly, men if they get around me too closely. I am concerned that he will put the church in a comprising position.

Also,I realized this week, the…


Geesh. Is it me, or are things really moving rapidly of late?
Moving --that seems to be the operative word.

Things are proceeding with the church move. Lots of details to handle.

Even though we have not selected our new Home Base, I am already walking around the church sensing our leaving the site. And, oh, how I shall miss the green view and my trees. I could stare out at those trees and the rolling lawn for hours. I am started to think about missing the people that share the business park with us--Remington College, and the sweet lady at the coffee cart/kisok.

And it does not help that so many of my television 'friends' are either having their season finales or going off the air. Watching the farewell of "The West Wing" last night saddened me. I shall miss the characters and the sharp witty writing. And the timely political barbs. "Grey's Anatomy" was powerful but at least they return next season. And later this week, adios to "Will and Grace&…