26 May, 2006

Happy 50th, Patti Paris!

(I did have Patti's permission to spill the beans bout her age. She said she earned it.)

What a week, eh? VERY hectic at the office with continuing details for our move, the end of the month and our closing service on Sunday.

Then there was the disappointing Wednesday when the Padres lost and so did Katherine McPhee. yet, both will prevail. Katherine is so wonderful and so talented and comes from a good spiritual base that she will rise above the defeat and disappointment. Ya know, not even sure it was a defeat--she was/is a winner in my book. I am so proud of her. Her talents, her professionalism, her grace and her attitude. I wonder if many people didn't vote for her thinking that she "has it all" already so why not vote for Taylor? (For the record, I like Taylor, too.) I also know that in the Bigger Picture, past all the hoopla and the celebrity, this really did work out for her highest good. We just may not see it just yet as the glitter has to settle. Her career success is guaranteed and did not need the title American Idol, although she worked hard for it and did deserve it.

Many folks are out of town this holiday weekend and might miss our farewell service at the Mission Valley site. The topic is "Field of Forgiveness" and on this Memorial Day weekend, it is a good time to forgive and release. To remember loved ones that have passed out of our lives; to forgive ourselves of wrong-doing AND wrong-thinking. To release any and all that stands in the way of our loving ourselves and our lives to the fullest.

Drive safely, BBQ wisely and b r e a t h e.

In love,

22 May, 2006

Victoria Day...

...if we were in Canada or that was my name. Ah well, it made for a different subject title.

Back from my weekend in Lodi, California. I had the privilege of being flown up there to perform a wedding for the granddaughter of a dear, dear friend, Barbara Taylor. Flew up to Sacramento ("THe City of Trees"--who knew?) and drove to Lodi. This city is plentiful for trees. But not quite the town I could live in. "Stuck in Lodi again..." as the song says. However, the wedding was lovely in the groom's family beautiful two-story home.

I had been the T.A. for Barbara and her husband, 16 years ago for their Practitioner training at Agape. We stayed friends and with the beauty of e-mail, we stayed in touch when they moved North. When Gene died suddenly, I was invited up to Lodi to do his memorial seven years ago. In fact, Barbara and I spent Saturday morning searchng out the dedicated brick in the town plaza in reognition of Gene's service on the Lodi Police Department Partners Program.

Got back in time yesterday to attend the Board meeting but unfortunately, missed the service and the choir. Our Board is working to create a positive move for us and putting into motion steps for securing our new Home Base for July. Everyone is getting more excited about moving to our new Sunday site on June 4th.

I want to say thank you to so many of you who have been so kind and compassionate about my difficult choice of releasing Sammy. I know he was a beloved part of this community for many people and he will be missed.It's been hard to have classes without him there; and even harder to come home after my travels and not have his big brown eyes smiling at me. He learned a lot--mostly, how wonderful he is and how loved he is--so I know he will fare well in this farewell.

Tomorrow night is MC PHEEVER NIGHT!!!!! it is the last night of "American Idol" and the last chance to hear Katherine McPhee and vote for her as the new American Idol. Even though I like Taylor Hicks, there is no question that Katherine deserves the title I am soooo proud of her for all she has done. Katherine is an amazing young woman who also happens to have a dynamite voice and incredible talent. Please remember to vote tomorrow night and since we are her extended church family, a prayer of Light, calm, joy and right action is always a good plan.

Kudos to Jake Peavey for his franchise record of 16 strike-outs tonight at the Atlanta game. Now if the rest of team could just get him the win tonight.....

This is a big week for me and for the church. GEtting ready to have our closing service at our present Mission Valley location. Lots of emotion and lots of details. I know that this Sunday, The CHoir sang, "Spirit's Calling Me" and that is exactly what I feel is in place for us calling us to TierraSanta and our new home(s). Keep breathing along with me this week and we will be there for each other.

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