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Just finished watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Wow. A real treat for me. I was thrilled to see that this competition now has national primetime appeal. I only got two words spelled correctly but I was only one letter off on three others. ah well.
I found it interesting as to the many Persian and Hawaiian words used. But somebody explain to me why they didn't create a different seating arrangements for the parents so that when a child was eliminated he or she didn't have to sit on their parents lap as further disappointment?

I got more sun today than I used to or do well with. Has a nice ride in a convertible Miata up to Encinitas, though.

Last night, I slept all the way throug and had a great night's sleep. (Have been restless and waking between 3;30-4:30 lately). And then amused myself when i began to stir and stretched out my right leg and it hit air not the bed. Somehow I had manuevered myselfto where I was almost sleeping the width and not the length of the …

I DO smell the roses...

Really. When I take my morning walks, I stop and smell the roses. They seem exceptionally beautiful this spring. And the Linda McCratney rose bush that Herman grows is so lovely and has the best and most graceful rose fragrance ever. ahhhhhhh.

My second sleepless, restless night, I found myself up at 4:15 a.m. and out for my walk about 5:30 as it got light. Oh what a sweet time that is. That time of day and dusk are so magical. Fresh and innocent. Fragrant.

I marvelled at walking. I mean, the actual activity of walking. We so take it for granted as our natural state of being and common activity. Yet, what an acheivement it is in balance and engineering.

A BRIEF BLOG LESSON--I know some folks are uncertain or wary about posting. When you comment in order for it to be posted, you must fill in that box wiht the squiggly letters. It is a way to ensure the site does not get comprised or hacked. It does not mean you are creating your own blog. And you can choose to post anonymously or set …

Lawn Sprinklers & Simpler Times

Happy Memorial Day!
Mondays are usually my days off but not so for the rest of the world. So I love a holiday like today because then everyone else is taking time off and things are quieter and there is shared R & R.Fewer phone calls with people who forget it's my day off. Since we are facing a pretty busy week ahead, I am making a very conscious choice of taking today off to do relax and play.

On my morning walk to Starbucks for a breakfast latte, I landed upon the Kensington Memorial Day Parade. How sweet! Kids, dogs, families and local people in cars and trucks waving flags. ahhhhh
I enjoyed watching and appreciating the community feel to all this; it was so Americana. I did have moments--albeit brief--of nostalgia and longing for the American Dream of a home, family, dogs, cats, neighborhood and a hybrid in the driveway. Not that some of that is still not within my realm...but you get my drift. I wasn't meant for or cut out for the new millenium Donna Reed lifestyle b…