10 June, 2006

No fancy title

Just felt like posting tonight. It's Saturday night and I am supposed to be preparing for service tomorrow. Well, I am but I am also watching the Padres game and juggling back and forth. The local commericals are off sync and the audio doesn't match their lips. You know, slightly off... and today, I am relating to that.

On Friday, the 'bug' that was hopping around at work landed on me. I was vulnerable and my defenses down from the stress of the week. Stress doesn't always have to be bad to still be draining. It caught me off guard. So back to the airborne and the herbs. Not able to sleep well and a bit of a cough. And when I do sleep, it is that feverish restless type sleep. In fact, I had the minister's version of the Actor's Nightmare last night. Dreamt that I arrived at a church and did not have a talk prepared and learned I was "going on". Not dressed correctly and only minutes to prepare. I was anxious and frustrated that the situation played out like this, but even in my dream, I rallied, got centered and clear and confidently went on. I opened with a quote that applies to my talk for tomorrow: "If the only prayer you can say is 'thank you' that is enough." Meister Eckhardt.

Marlins pitcher Logan Kensing. That is not a name for a pitcher. That is a blonde soap opera character's name--the wealthy, heir of the dynasty.

Stayed home all day and ignored the chores. Read. Wrote. Took my preventative stuff. Juggling three new books this week.

Would love to hear back from you readers. Would you like to see graphics, photos, video, etc.on this blog? Or do you prefer just commentary? I am also looking into a software feature that would contact regular readers each time there is a new post. Would you like that--to be notified by e-mail when I post a new entry?

Well, it's the 8th and the go-ahead run is on base, so I guess I better pay attention.

no fancy ending.

05 June, 2006

Oh so full..

And I am indeed joyFULL. That's because I feel giddy and drunk with joy. And this morning, I felt like I had a hangover of too much adrenaline and my smile muscles ached. Why you might ask?
Because we had our Opening Day Sunday Service at our new church home (Tierrasanta Seventh Day Adventist Church)!

One month before we celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the founding of Pacific Church, we launched our new chapter, our new church this Sunday, June 4th, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. But who's counting??

It was delicious. Nice full house. Joe Rathburn as our "opening act"-- rocked. The acoustics were wonderful. It was so amazing to hear the congregation break out into spontaneous singling along with Joe and everyone sounded so beautiful. Kapn' Kurko put up our welcoming greeting, Dr. Holmes' "Peace Be Unto Thee, Stranger" on the screen for everyone to see as they arrived. And then our Science of Mind symbol projected for the rest of the service. George, our sweetheart of a host from SDA was around to be sure things were going smoothly for us. Joel Andeson had mastered the new sound board in a few short hours and had us wired for sound. And it was delicous to see everyone hanging out for fellowship of coffee, cake and each other after service.

Great appreciation to all who helped make the move and the day such a success.In no particular order: John Kurko, Sunshine Johnson, Patti Paris, Joel Anderson, Ken Brown, Kristi Peterson, Ernie Ray, Bill Wiltfong,TK EKrom, Cindy May, Jim Williams, Don Converse, Maren Ryerson, Helen Meyer, Rev. Suzette, Peggy Biello, Cindea Metzler and Jim Turnage. (If I left someone out, please forgive me.)

I loved that Joni Burnett dedicated the flowers to her church community ; and it was so nice to have the bouquet of flowers from Midtown in acknowledgment of our move.

There is so much I look forward to doing in and from our new space and within our new community. Lots of refinements for the service and the growth of our church. I shall have to activate my patience muscles to allow things to unfold in God's time.

Thank YOU.

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