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Batter, batter, batter!

In this case, it's #24 the batter that hit the Padres into victory last night. Thank you, Brian Giles! What a game last night. It was the kind of game that displays the beauty and the power of baseball in all it's glory. The strategy and artistry that can often get lost in the competition and the headlines of steroids and inflated salaries.

I was the grateful recipient of two tickets--fabulous seats in Toyota Terrace. One of the perks of these seats is that you can order food/beverages and they bring it to you! Didn't know that ahead of time, so we had already eaten and I brought my bottles of water. (Oh-and one of the new Vitalicious Muffins tops for oly 100 calories. YUM. Thanks, Ellie and
It was a beautiful San Diego evening and a game that exemplified the beauty of baseball.

Speaking of baseball and its over-inflated ego and biceps... there was a fabulous editorial piece on Barry Bonds that I highly recommend if you are a baseball fan. It was printe…

Some Enchanted evening...

well, it's nighttime and I am in the Land of Enchantment. Known in the U.S. as the state of New Mexico. So far, I have yet to realize why it has that title. It is rather flat, boring and quite warm. Tomorrow, I get to drive us to Taos for part of the UCORS Cabinet site visit. I am told it is a three hour drive but worth it. We'll see... This is where we are considering the 2007 UCORS Ministers' Convocation.

Walked to a Wild Oats for dinner tonight. Got a salad, yogurt and muffin. I felt more at home in this store. And this morning went for breakfast to The Flying Star--an organic cafe. That was nice. Had our all-day business planning meeting from 8-5 in a hotel conference room. Good group of people; very creative and productive. Yet, sitting all day under flourescent lights --EEEK. Ok, so i would get up and stretch...a lot. But still...

I can get online here at the hotel and can receive e-mail but cannot send mail back out. Go figure. I feel out of the loop and res…

Father's Day 6-18-06

Today is a big day in a lot of small ways.
(Almost oxymoronic, huh?)

Let's see--- as I mentioned in Sunday service today, Paul McCartney turned 64 today. 64???!!! For those not of my boomer generation, the significance in that is that he wrote and recorded a song back in 1967 titled, "When I am 64" and when it aired waaaay back then, it seemed so far away; and so incomprehensible. And now... he is 64. ah well. And then, this week, Billy Preston passed away and he was so significant in many musical collaborations with The Beatles.

Did you know that currently only 5% of bloggers are over 50 years of age?

And then in clergy news: Episcopalians elect 1st female national leader
The Episcopal Church on Sunday elected Nevada Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori as the first female chief pastor of the denomination and the first female leader in the history of the world Anglican Communion. WOW! That is so cool. Many people are worried about what this means to the denomination --espe…