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Home Sweet Home

San Diego. Home.
Belle was very glad to see me. She has been following me around like a puppy. And she curls up beside me in hopes of catching as many cat naps with me as she can. Ahhhhhh

Very glad to be home, too. Only one day left to my "vacation" and it doesn't seem enough to get acclimated and unpacked, etc. And I am not grousing about the heat because I just spent four days in the San Fernando Valley.

Hadn't realized how honest I have been on this blog until I got some compassionate comments from folks who read this. I so appreciate everyone's concern and tenderness. I used to be admonished for not sharing enough of myself as a minister--guess this blog is remedying that very quickly. Well, I do like to be honest, I am just not wired or used to talking about myself. My work is to listen to YOU. Guess the writing has its therapeutic aspects for me.

Didn't get my new computer on this trip as I had planned. With our wonderful Mercury in Retrograde, it so…

Looking for red shoes to take me home...

This time warp, traffic-ridden vacation has been tough.
Not to mention that the compass in my car seems to have stopped working. Mabye it needs new batteries...
It seems that the visits here are taking an emotional toll on me to match the the smog making it hard to breathe.

Although my mohter and I e-mail daily and talk almost weekly, I had not seen her in over a year. To say that she less than adequately has represented her state of being is an understatement. She is not doing well and it shows. OK, she just turned 76 last week but I was not prepared for what I saw. It was difficult for me to see such deterioration. I held it together but I could feel my body registering the facts. Talked to my aunt on the phone but we didn't get together in person. She, too is not faring as well as I would like.

After I left her house, did a little retail therapy to distract me. Went back to my hotel room and fell hard and fast asleep and was late in getting to the Apple Store to pick up my …

Time Warp Vacation

I have this week off for vacation. I came up to Los Angeles for the week. I was unable to come up last week for my mother's birthday; or two weeks ago for my aunt's minor surgery. So this is my first chance back up here for a few years.

Yesterday, did a coin-up car wash in preparation for the drive up and then on the drive through Sorrento Valley today, there was a 5 minute burst of rain. I was not amused. It took about 2 1/2 hours to get to the San Fernando Valley. Luckily, I was listening to a CD of a recording of Ernest Holmes and it kept me sane.

Ironically and/or coincidentally, as I was driving through Orange County and having passed Disneyland, there was a DJ on the radio sharing the information that on this day, July 17th, 51 years ago, Disneyland opened its doors--one year after it began construction. Coincidence and timing. And then I realized the date had significance to me and it gave me pause and an interesting laugh. The kind of laugh that comes from b…