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PRIDE proud

Today was the San Diego PRIDE Festival Parade. It was great to be there and be a part of the parade and see the amazing turnout of people to participate and to observe.

I was proud of how the local Science of Mind churches came together to share a float and booth. Hats off to Rob Wilkerson of Midtown CRS for his yeoman efforts of getting everyone together and the huge amount of work in putting together the float, the event, the booth and schedules.

Soul Voice sang live and made us one of the most popular floats. They sounded great and everyone sang along. Live music with wonderful musicians. So many people marched alongside--including Rev Kathy Hearn! Having taken a nasty fall on Thursday, with a swollen ankle and knee, I was grateful to ride in the truck while Larry Paris drove. And we have Larry Paris to thank for getting the truck from Mossy Ford for us to use as our float. And it was cooler today and slightly overcast (even rained earlier) that made for nice parade weather and …

As the world turns....

Cyber challenges and who knows what else have kept me from getting back on to write. This time, I am writing from the office-even without air conditioning.

So I surrender to this heatwave; I surrender to it causing cyber lags and quirky electronic retrograde antics. Even the Starbucks near Sammy's Woodfire Pizza was closed yesterday because of a flood.

I recently had a couple of God nudges about purchasing a Q Link necklace to help fend off or defray EMF's. I had heard about this before but had not paid much attention. Then when three different people presented me with information or insight about the Q Link, I did my own research and decided to purchase a necklace and the BioPro chips to pout on my computers, cell phones, microwave,etc. to stave away the electromagnetic bad vibes. Since I know how sensitive I am to energies, I really felt that having these high-tech shields could prove to be beneficial. And ya know what? I believe they are and I have felt the difference. I…