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August 5, 2006

..or How I Spent My Summer Birthday.

Allowing for a little extra sleep this morning, I walked over to Antique Row for breakfast (after doing my Egoscue e-cises of course).Being solo, I sat at the counter which was an unfamiliar eating experience. I recall doing that as a young child back in Chicago and NY. My mother or grandmother and I would often sit at the counter at Woolworth's. Above the counter were two TV monitors with the sound muted. One was showing some Hall of Fame thingie for John Madden. the other, showed TV Land's tribute to the 100 Most Memorable Moments in Television. You didn't really need to hear the audio for that one. And it amused me that as I sat in this retro themed restaurant celebrating my birthday, I watched as Howdy Doody introduced Clarabelle's first words back in 1960. I watched that show---then. Oh my. And the guys sitting next to me at the counter were engaging in TV trivia chat and theme song-o-lio for "My Three Sons.&qu…

All time is now..

...or so "they" say. I guess that means Spirit doesn't wear a watch or know that when it nudges, pushes you, it doesn't care that it is pre-dawn and you might be tired.

At 4:08 a.m., I finally gave in and got up.

There is so much going on this week and so much that took place last night, I was having nightmares and needed to shake and wake myself up. When I did, it was clear that I was to stay awake and tend to some things such as prayer and a new blog entry.

Last night, we had over 40 people attend an All-Church Visioning meeting at the SDA church site. Visioneers, Evelyn Eads and Ruth Soklow led us through a very creative process while Billie Frances, Ethelyn Holmes and Danielle Love held HighWatch. The intention for the Visioning was to reveal our purpose as a new church community and to reveal the components, words, images and phrases towards creating our new community name. There was such an amazing amount of creative energy it's no wonder I am having tro…