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8-8 from Asiomar

"Heaven, I'm in heaven..." Here I am in Pacific Grove at the Asilomar Summer Conference. I am sitting in the lobby of the Olympia Lodge (where there is wireless Internet access) and I am on my BRAND NEW MacBook! And it gets better--there is a big ol' goofy Golden Retreiver who lives here and he keeps bringing me his tennis ball to toss and play. OH, the only thing that would make this flat-out ecstasy would be if there was a Starbucks within reach. Ah well..... The nearest Starbucks is in Monterey and I don't have a car and have not been since the airport when I arrived.

Yesterday, was a busy rev day on the opening day of the Conference. Rev. Michael Kearney gave his first Big Talk in Merrill Hall and I sat backstage to hold High Watch. All the while, the Ministerial Panels were taking place. UCSL now has 23 new ministers--inlcuding our own Rev. Patti Paris! Yahhhh! It was a glorious day of celebration and success. And Rev. Patti'sreturn from her pan…