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McPheever San Diego

Just got home from the American Idols Concert tour at the Sports Arena here in San Diego.
And well, I am feeling my age. That sounds better than I feel old because I don't feel old, I just don't feel I fit in with this particular concert crowd. And did I mention THAT IT WAS VERY LOUD THERE???

I took John Kurko in honor of Appreciation Day---by the way, I appreciate all of YOU who read and contribute to this blog-- and because he has a crush on Katherine McPhee.

Many of the Pacific Church folks know that Kat's beautiful and talented mother, Peisha McPhee has sung at our church several times and is a friend of mine from L.A. So we had great seats and backstage passes for tonight.

I was really thrilled and proud to see Kat perform. She is so amazingly talented and beautiful (like her Mom!) and has such stage presence. Yet, I found the most enjoyable aspect of the concert for me was more, well, anthropological in a way. I got a kick out of watching the people in the crowd. …

Reelin' in the years...

This afternoon, while at work, I walk by the front office and John is on the phone and I hear him say, "So, I won't tell her..." not even knowing if he was referring to me, I yelled out, "Yeah, don't tell her!" John hollers out to come to the office for a moment. I do. He hands me the phone with a "surprise." Hmmmmm
A good surprise? Well, John was smirking, so I thought I would give it a shot.

A female voice on the other end asks if I know who she is. Nooooo... then I hear another female voice in the background kinda on I recognize her? No....

She says we go back to elementary school. That is a long way. I ask for clues. No way. So I figured out a way to extract clues. I asked them about boyfriends! (Knowing that would give me the info I needed to determine just who was calling). The speakerphone voice says "Joel Delman." A big grin on my face. Debbie Gomez. One down. OK, the other caller was determined to not give anyt…


In addition to it being Jessi Benton Jones' birthday, I am home from my stealth trip to Palm Springs.

It was a well-kept secret that I went to Palm Springs this weekend to surprise Rev. Michael Kearney on his first day as the new Senior Minister of the Palm Springs Spiritual Enrichment Center! Over a month ago, I planned this trip and swore a few key people to secrecy. I was grateful that our Board of Trustees moved our monthy board meeting so that I could support my colleague and our (former) Staff Minister. It was also a wonderful opportunity to have Rev. Sylvia Albright speak at Pacific CRS in my absence--and I am eager to hear her talk on CD.

Following a significant Board of Trustees retreat, headed down to PS on Sunday morning. Arriving early enough that I could dash into the ladies room and hang out till Rev. Michael began service and I could sneak in during one of the congregational songs.

Now the key factor to this surprise was that I arrived incognito--wearing a raincoat…