30 August, 2006

Hump Day

What hump?

(10 points to alll the people who immediately let their mind's jump to Marty Feldman on that one.)

Mid-week and I have only two days left at work. Rev. Patti and John have been working so hard and the Mission Valley site is clearing out almost as fast as I am.

Some administrivia for you: this blog will remain. When it gets moved to my own website, we will either link it or give you the URL to find it. I believe there must be a way to access it through blogger.com
If you wish to contact me via e-mail, please use:
the other church e-dress will be phased out in a few weeks.
the church offices are moving but for now, any mail needs to go to:
Pacific Church, 3401 Adams Avenue, PMB#503, San Diego,CA 92116
And so far, I do not know plans to go anywhere or work any place in particular. Maybe God's memo to me hasn't been forwarded yet..

I appreciate the support of all the emails and calls I have been receiving.

Staying in touch


28 August, 2006

Monday Quarterbacking from a Baseball Gal

Not sure I even really understand that term, but I think it means going over the game to discuss the results...
Either way, it seemed like a catchy title for today's update.

I shall blog with delicacy as many people who were not at church yesterday are not quite up to speed as yet. And frankly, I am a bit weary and low on energy.

The short version is that yesterday after Rev. Patti Paris gave her wonderful debut talk as the new Staff Minister, we had our Town Hall meeting. The Board gave updates on our finances, the status of the move process, said farewell to Ken Brown as the site janitor and church regular, Ken Brown. And then the Board presented the difficult decision we made together that was to vacate the position of Senior Minister and not renew my contract.

My Farewell Address will be posted on the church website by tonight and I would prefer it if you would read that directly, first, before contacting me for to fill in any gaps or answer questions.

All things considered, I feel the meeting went well. We had about 61 people in attendance. Although fraught with emotion for most of us, I think most people were at the least, willing to accept the decision to leave and make room for the positive elements to appear. It may have seemed not only a shock but also the fact that my last day is September 1st. Let me explain that now. With our ending the occupancy at Mission Valley as of Aug. 31st and with releasing Ken as well, it seemed the right time and a tidy thing to do to throw my exit in the mix rather than prolong it. This way the Board and the Staff can get to work on the new, the redefinition of PCRS.

This week, we are in the offices working hard to get all the closing up details handled. I am even in the office to clear out my desk and pack up my stuff. Amazing what one can accumulate in 5 1/2 years. We also had a rummage sale and lots of folks clearning out things. Friday is my last day so I am working,packing and connecting with folks all week.

Then I will be heading up to LA to take care of my Mom on Tuesday. And then back home to take some time to just be still, be silent, take naps and let the dust settle to see clearly what is the next step for me. I do not have a clear plan as yet. And to answer the most asked question so far, I do not know if I am to stay in San Diego or not. And I also do not know about taking on a different church. I do trust the process and know that I will guided or inspired to my next step.

This blog will stay active as a resource and we will figure out how to link it so you can access it. My email address that you can use is : revduchess@cox.net. The email via the church needs to be phased out please.

That's about all for now folks.

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