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Unity's Day of Prayer- 9/14/06

It's always a good day to pray. And I think it a valuable idea that that a wonderful organization such as Unity, selects a particular day upon which to focus on the benefits and the power of prayer. So even if you are not an active pray-er, today is a good day to speak your prayers into the collective consciousness of those "holding the light" and "speaking the Truth" around the world.

We are moving into my season and today's cooler weather heralds that. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. that is always an answered prayer for me. Autumn is so extraordinarily healing and nurturing for me, I cannot begin to describe it. I feel so connected and so cared for. For me, it is a time of introspection that leads to creative expression and connection. (Oh, look at all the 'ion' words it inspires for me). Autumn is Comm-Unity time for me and we havent even gotten to my favorite month of October.

It has felt as if the world has been in quite a cycle of transformation, transition a…


"There's been a disturbance in the Force, Luke."

Well, that certainly was the case (in so many ways) five years ago, too.
And although I am not sure how I feel about all the commercial and media ways in which the remembrance of 9-11 is being expressed, I do know that today is a worthy day to take time to pause and give thanks for Life. Your life. The One Life. And to pause in silent respect of those that shifted out of their lives into a different expression of the One Life. Bless those that are still grappling with that tragic event in ways that we may not even begin to comprehend. Think a pure thought of Peace today in whatever way you can,please.

And for those of us here in America's Finest city, in a church called Pacific, that idea of Peace is a good one. As there is still a feeling of disturbance that rocks many of us.

So whether national or local, thoughts of Life, Peace, Compassion, Love and Joy can only serve us all.

"Thoughts are things; think the good…