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Doin' What Comes Naturally..

Well, I never know how often to write on this. I don't want to blab and bore so I try to keep a few days inbetween posts. I had some rough days emotionally this week and watched myself process and heal. There has been no joy in Mudville and I was ready to have that be different.

On Friday night,there was a big powwow at church. So I made a clear intention of a full release for all concerned. I lit a brand new, special candle; I held the mala beads that Brother Lawrence had gifted me and I prayed; and I knew that once that was complete, so was I.

Here it is Saturday, Sept. 30th. I gifted myself with the month of September off from doing anything official and allowed myself some R & R. I made an agreement with the Universe that starting in October, I would be ready to receive the insights and guideposts as to what I am to do, where I am to go; and how I am to serve.

Therefore, today had a twinge of "summer vacation is over" and time to go back to school or work. And …

Rosh Hashanah +

That's Happy New Year to you. And I like the idea of a New Year no matter what culture or religion.
Behold, I make all things new. Ta da!

Ramadan began. Oh, and there is a lovely (free) art exhibit outside the museum in Balboa Park. Wonderful photograph that young people took to showcase their lives or the world as they see it. Part of the AJA Project.

The wonderful Adams Avenue Street Fair was also this weekend. Always fun and always glad to have the streets and parking spaces back when it's over.

And yesterday was the 5th Annivesary of the Midtown Church of Religious Science! WOW. CONGRATULATIONS to Rev. Kevin and your community.

What a powerful weekend and Equinox.

My thoughts for today are a bit all over the map--many things have come across my desk or my mind that I want to share.

In reading the current issue of Consumer Reports, I was alarmed to see the information that auto insurance companies (have been and ) are basing rate quotes on people's credit rating scores! …