13 October, 2006

Friday the 13th...

..can be lucky. It's all in one's perception.
In the Russian culture, I was told that 13 is a lucky number. (irina, if you're reading this, please chime in on this.)

What the hell am I doing up at this hour that I already know it's Friday the 13th?
Just got back from L.A. and trying to catch up on e-mails, snail mail and of course, "Grey's Anatomy.'

Being in L.A. is always such a surreal time-warp dance for me. Listening to KRTH radio hearing the Stones' "Satisfaction" or the Doors' "Light My Fire and driving down certain streets, I don't know what year it is. Then I drive past other streets or areas and I think I am in Tokyo West with all the buildings, movie screens outside and ads everywhere. Somehow more people have moved there with their cars since my last trip and the traffic was unbelievable. It took me an hour and a half to get from Culver City over Sepulveda Bl. to Studio City. I left at 8:00 a.m for a breakfast appt and I got there almost at 9:30! Thinking that leaving after 10:30 Laurel Canyon would be clear was my next mistake as that took me almos 1/2 hour to get to Fairfax and Beverly.

(Hey, Marshall and any of you former L.A. boomers, KRTH Oldies Radio can now be accessed on the web streaming live.
Go to MYKRTH101.com) And Tower Records is closing. Even the big store on Sunset Blvd. oh my.

On a completely unrelated note: as I was watching a snippet of the play-offs on Tuesday night, I began to yawn --exactly as the camera panned to one of the players in the dugout as he began to yawn. We yawned simultaneously--he in Oakland and me in L.A. It was weird and wonderful and somehow, mystical.

Took my mom in for some medical work and other errands. Visited folks. Went to Apple Computer in Northridge to visit my Wasband and then for a bite aftewards. He is doing well with his life now and we were together online at .mac checking my account when we got an email from his sister telling us both that their family had watched the plane fly into the building on 72nd Street. My prayers go out to Gotham again as they rally from what that unrelated event put people through in a horrible deja vu.

Met with one of my former Practitoner "Cubs" from NHCRS, who is now doing great and has expanded her practice to include some amazing quantum research and work. I am so proud of her. And very intrigued by the new opportunities opening up

And the highlight of the trip was being able to go to Agape Church for their Wednesday night service. I "lucked out" in getting to see some truly dear friends; and a bunch of people I had not seen in years! As we hugged, I felt as if no time had passed. They were celebrating Rickie Byars-Beckwith's birthday and it was also Choir night. Bonus for me. Dr. Rev. Michael of course, gave his talk just to/for me. No, really. You know how that works. It began a deeper liberation.

Life is good....
...alll the time.

08 October, 2006

"I bet those golden tickets make the chocolate taste terrible..."

So sayeth, Charlie Buckets.

Okay, so there was no golden ticket for our beloved Pad respective divisions--as I can't just give up baseball completely. The Padres loss will allow me to begin a slow return to regular life and activities now; and the play-offs will help wean me slowly off what is and has been an especially therapeutic baseball season wrap-up.

Guess a part of me was already in "loss" mode. This afternoon, there was a memorial service held for Andrew Galligan at Midtown CRS. It was a lovely outpouring of love and celebration for this wonderful man and how he touched and enriched all our lives. Andrew was an amazing and courageous man. I was blessed to have known him.

At breakfast today with a dear friend who drove down from L.A., he told me about how he plays in a Fantasy Baseball League. I always thought that a fantasy league was just a head (and heart) trip. I didn't realize that it was a real-life thing that people play and spend (and win) money. He said I could join in next season. Cool.

On a lighter note--I went to my first Oktoberfest last night. Friends (who shall remain nameless to protect their identity) called to see what I was doing (watching the Mets stomp the Dodgers) and would I like to meet them in La Mesa. Hmmm. It was a Saturday night, but I didn't have to work in the morning and getting just a tad baseball bleary, I agreed. Huge crowds. And I still found parking. Listened to a trio play acoustic R & R on a cello, bongos and a guitar. Sweet llamas snacking ( glad I have a new phone with a camera). Oh, and did I mention the Starbucks coffee wagon offering free samples of their new Maple Lattes?

Tomorrow is John Lennon's birthday. A favourite musical mystic of mine:

"I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It's just that the translations have gone wrong. "

Hey, Mr. Lennon may have been a Religious Scientist.

All you need is love... and translators.

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