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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...

...which can be a good thing.
Las Vegas is not really my kind of city. Although, I am a huge fan of neon, I do not do well in crowds--especially, crowds who are smoking or drinking or gambling--or all three. I don't think there are enough Bio-Cell chips for me to wear to offset the EMF's in Vegas.

However, there are good things about the city. My colleague, Rev. Doug has his church here. Hmmm, that may be all I can think of for now.

This was a working trip for me. The United Clergy of Religious Sciencr (UCORS) cabinet met here to plan next year's events. Rev. Doug booked us hotel rooms and we met at his church for our meetings. I wouldn't even begin to know how many hundreds of thousands of people are in Las Vegas--particularly the Strip. So you will appreciate my bemusement and appreciation of Spirit when I tell you that it is really a small world after all.

After a light dinner, the 10 of us are heading out in three cars to go see a show that Rev Doug has kept a…


Don't want to scare you but...
it's one week till Elections.
Have you read your ballot and stuff? Or just listened to the multitude of political automated calls that have been filling your phone?

Whether or not you feel there is an Inconvenient Truth happenng in the world, did you know that if you trade in a vehicle that gets 18 mpg for a vehicle that gets at least 27 mpg, that it represents a 50% increase in fuel economy? Effectively making $3.00 per gallon back to costing $2.00 once again.
And this week, filling up my junior SUV at Costco gasoline, the lines were out the driveway. It reminded me of the days when there were lines like that for gas rationing--at that was under $1.00 a gallon. Now, if a San Diegan is lucky and shops around, you can get unleaded for $2.29-$2.35 a gallon. GULP. Henry Honda now costs about $35.00 a tank to operate. And I have cut back on my infrequent indulgences in premium just to give Henry a lift.

Health scare of the week: It was not good news …