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Real Men Wear Pink

At least, that is what one of the T-shirts proclaimed on one of the men walking today in the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk.
And I believe it.

This morning, I got up at 4:15 a.m. and Sunshine and I left for the Del Mar Fairgrounds at 5:15. We had decided to go and surprise Reni & Stacy Williams who began the big walk today. It was great to see so many people coming to support the 5,000 women and men who had agreed to do the three day walk but the heavy traffic almost made us late for the Opening Ceremonies.

Dressed in pink and looking like a life-size gumdrop, Stacy was able to find me when I called to tell her we were there. Reni and Stacy had mother and daughter pink sweatshirts and pink headbands. Jim was there to cheer them on before he went to work.
Sunshine and I stayed in the line and cheered and 'high-fived' as many people as we could as they came down the line.

The creative attire was something to behold. There were the "Boo-Bees" dressed in bee costumes; the …

Post political ponderings...

A victorious day indeed with the House shifting it's power to the Dems and having the first female Secretary of State--wow. That is way cool. Now we have to earn it, sustain it and make it stronger.

I encourage Ms. Pelosi to stand tall and strong for the very values and ideas that got her elected and not go soft on us now that she is in 'the game.'

Another victory according to Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, we beat America’s #1 Wildlife Villain and made history!
Jerry McNerney -- an independent businessman and avowed conservationist -- over Representative Richard Pombo, Chairman of the powerful House Resources Committee. This is the most important political victory for conservationists in memory… and it wouldn’t have happened without grassroots support.

And the animal platform got stronger with reports from Wayne Pacelle at HSUS, historic news to convey! In what is a landmark day for animals, voters in Arizona and Michigan cast their ballots in favor of animals on Electi…

All things poltical...

Being that today, November 7, 2006 is an election day, I feel the liberty to wax political.
The only thing I will say about the election is that I am most glad that my answering machine will be liberated from all the pre-recorded campaign messages--including the one from former President Bill Clinton. Next election, I shall register as Independent and reduce the phone spam.

And I want the candidate Chuck Poochigian to win because I like saying his name.

Yet, I am looking at a broader political perspective today.

Sunday's Union Tribune led with a story that the Supreme Court is returning to the abortion issue today. The court will be discussing whether to uphold the first nation-wide restrictions on an abortion procedure snce the landmark 1973 Roe vs. Wade that established a woman's constitutional right. I send prayers of Light,

It may cost more to adopt a baby overseas and other major rulings may change. I have a "God-son" from Russia with a couple I supported over se…

Getting God out of the Sunday Box

Goooood Morning.

My Sunday message today was inspired by something Joel Osteen said this morning on his televised Sunday sermon, about getting God out of the Sunday box and bringing God into everyday living, I like that and have often preached that myself.
Then I realized --that is exactly what I am doing. Away from a physical pulpit and using the internet, I have taken God out of the box on Sunday (and most of the other days, too) in a unique way by using the Internet to connect.

I am blogging from Bakersfield, California before I have the privilege of guest speaking at their church today. I have spent a most interesting morning--starting with the truckers who left very early this morning in their very loud semi.

I had planned to get up early anyway. So I put on my slippers and jacket and turned on my GPS--those of you who know me, know that stands for God Provides Starbucks and I headed out to find the drive-thru Starbucks I saw last night driving to the motel. My hosts from here,…