17 November, 2006

From then to now...and from now, till then...

What a busy and serendipitous week-did ya notice? I often think the stars and planets accelerate and try to get "things" done before a big holiday week when the race consciousness connects differently. Not to mention that Mercury goes direct on Monday. Hallelujah and Praise the Law.

For those blog readers who are connected to Pacific CRS, this is a big weekend. There is the wonderful, annual Thanksgiving Taize service on Sunday followed by an important Town Hall meeting to detemine the future of the church. Understandably, a lot of energy surrounds all this. I encourage this as a time for more prayer and meditation. Even though I no longer work or serve at the church, I am still a member and I still have strong ties to say the least. Although I feel that the highest choice for all concerned is that I not attend the meeting (no, I will not be showing up incognito in a trench coat, hat and sunglasses--been there, done that). I will continue to add my prayers, my deep breaths; surrrender and trust the powerful activity of God to be fully present for one and all.

On another note, I am working on some new ideas and projects -including a new web site and a new blog. I don't have all the details or the graphics worked out as yet, but I do hope to launch both in the very near future. I am also very pleased to have back in my charge the animal kinship website and will need to get that up and running again, too.

One of the reasons this blog exists-- a breath space in time-- is for you to pause and reflect; take a breath and become mindful and aware and grateful and loving. Yeah, all those good things we teach and preach.
And what a perfect upcoming week this is for getting into a state of grace and gratitude.


From peace,

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