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White Christmas


Ok, so I am still in San Diego and we are far from a white christmas however the sweetest, coolest website has come to my attention and I want to share it with you.

This site allows you to create a personal, uniquely designed snowflake (well,aren't they all?) and dedicate to someone or to everyone. Then you can invite people to see your snowflake and read your message and even have their responses sent to you.
it gets better. Each snowflake adds towards a contribution to the Salvation Army. This really beats the santas ringing the bells on the corner.

I am not one for games and such on the computer. However, this fascinates me and I love looking at the other random snowflakes that float down (click on any one of the dots on the screen) and see who and what they have created. Some are exquisite and from far across the seas, too.

Since I doubt I have the time, patience or ability to send one to each of you individually, at least this…

Thanksgiving Night

Yes, it is finally thanksgiving. And the official holiday season has begun.

Let me begin by thanking Nordstrom for being the only major department store that did not succumb to the accelerating commercial urge to begin decorating and selling Christmas things BEFORE Halloween. Crimeny. Next year, it retail will start by Labor Day.

I don't understand why we can't stay in present time. Thanksgiving is really one of my most favorite holidays and I hate having it tainted or basically getting short-shrift because it is not a shopping holiday. And it is no longer cachet to open the stores at 5:00 a.m. on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It's becoming old hat to do that. The retailers need to think of something else, please. At least now, I can look at decorations and listen to seasonal music without cringing or judging. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas--and I was hopping around like any other kid waiting to see Santa Claus at the end of the Macy's Day Parade. For…

One for the Guinness...records, that is...

Did you think I meant the ale?

One of the interesting and positive aspects of Mercury being in Retrograde is that it is always a time for people, ideas, and opportunities from your past to come back into the present for you. A time where you hear from people "out of the blue"; a time when you get to clear up loose ends from past encumbrances or old beliefs.

Just got home from an unplanned trip to Los Angeles. This was a pastoral care trip predicated by the need to assist my mother in getting her groceries; getting groceries and taking care of some chores for my aunt (who just got out of the hospital with a dislocated shoulder from a fall she had trying to re-set her clocks); and visiting with a dear friend of over 20 years whose mother just had a stroke.


I did a lot of breathing to keep myself centered and clear and able to be objective and supportive. And to deal with L.A. traffic, of course.

My friend I had not seen since moving to San Diego--although she and…