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This post is dedicated to John Lennon. It is hard to believe this the anniversary of his death. I cannot imagine a life without his art, his gift to us all. Thank you, John.

This is also my father's birthday. I guess I cannot really imagine my life without his contribution. Wish I had the chance to tell him that.

What is it today that you cannot imagine living without? Air? Food? Music? Puppy breath? Love, love, love? However you answer that question, take some time today to acknowledge and bless that "it" (and I don't necessarily mean e-Bay) in your life.


Synchronicities are still hoppin' and a poppin' for me lately. I had Kyxy radio on yesterday while I was puttering and cleaning. I am going through stacks of papers that I had stuffed in a box to see what to keep or release or... Just as I picked up a folded piece of paper to open it and read it, a commercial for Westfield Shopping Malls was playing in the background as I opene…

Mid-week Blogger Beta

Hello again.
Returning from another L.A. trip to support my mother and aunt, I come home to a new Beta version of my Blogger. com account. From what I can tell, it does not change much for the readers. I will do some more reading on the beta info and let you know.

Many of you have already visited my new website. (Thank you). I learned that the link to this blog page was not working and that may be because of the new beta version being used and moderated by google. My plan for now, is to keep blogging on this site and update the webpage when and as I can.

I have a bunch of informative tidbits to shar from my favorite news source, "THE WEEK";

• Science is now looking at a way to make cotton (yes, our favorite organic fabric) available to feed the half-billion hungry people on the planet. It seems that the seeds are very high in protein and could be used in baking foods. The next step is to refine it so that the toxic chemical it currently contains, gossypol, is removed. Stru…