16 December, 2006

The Pursuit of Happyness

Just returned from another trip to L.A. to support my mom. It was a bit easier trip than usual--whew. And she is actually doing better. Whew and I'm grateful.

The long drives have afforded me a great amount of think time that I appreciate. And I am also grateful for Verizon IN calling so I can chat on my cell with buddies for a long time and make the drive seem shorter.

When I heard on the radio that the film. "The Pursuit of Happyness" opened Friday (the day I drove home), I knew I had to go. Right away. I knew I needed to take a dear friend with me. So we dashed off to Horton Plaza (oh, Ray Bradbury, what were you thinking?) to catch the 4:35 showing. Wow. Although, clearly dramatized to engender the full kleenex effect, it was a very inspiring film to say the least. There but for the grace of God, go I/we. And yes, the film explains why the spelling of happiness is with a 'y.' I kinda like it that way.

Today, Saturday, Dec. 16th is also the one year anniversary of my beloved Rev. Matt's transition. It is hard to believe it was a year ago that I was spending three days in Palm Springs in transiiton support. And even harder to believe he is not in physical form. So close, and yet so far....

One of the sweet things about yesterday at the mall, was walking past the holiday decor and doing some window shopping. My friend and I stopped to ogle a shoe store that had an unusual mix of fancy sneakers and running shoes mixed in with some very hot and very high heels. In my head, I was noting how I was drawn to those very high heels and wondering why when in reality I prefer the comfort of sneakers. Then my friend turned to me and said, "These shoes remind me of Rev. Matt. I never met him, but I remember your talk when you expained how he taught you about shopping for shoes." I knew at that moment, that Matt was with me. And I smiled because he had left his imprint (shoeprint?) even on someone he never knew. That pleases me as I know it would please him.

One week and counting. Ho ho ho

12 December, 2006


Ah, a fine crisp morning in San Diego.
I woke beore 5 am--mind was racing with things to do, decisions to make, yada yada.
Waited till after prayer work and the sun rise to take my walk. I walked over to the post office to return a book shipment that I didn't order (almost oxymoronic)and I arrived shortly after 8:00 a.m. only to my dismay that the station didn't open till 8:30!! Argh. even though I knew better,I tried to push the thick box into the restricted slot. However, there were two pieces of mail in the lid that seemed stuck. Open and closing the flap did nothing to dislodge them. So I reached my hand in and shoved them down the lid. They appeared to be slightly damp and stuck. Was I only there to help these letters move on their way? ah so... so be it. And then a postal worker came out to hoist the flag and I asked him if I could put my return book in his cart and he said yes. I had already honored inutition and brought a marker pen to write on the box, "Refused: Return to Sender." I smiled. It worked out after all. And then as I turned to leave, I noticed that the new issue of Adams Ave. Herald was out and I could get a copy of my article for Dec./Jan. I walked away smiling at how God's plan was so much nicer than mine,

OH OH OH-- run don't walk to see the new James Bond. OH yeah, and you will wanna see the film too. OH MY GAWD! I felt as exhiliarated as I did as pre-teen seeing Sean Connery for the first time. Sit in an aisle where you can jump, squirm, wiggle and move around without disturbing others.

More synchronicities keep cropping up for me--and usually it has music being the link. I am so in touch with this process now, it seems almost, well, ordinary.

Enjoy your week. Keep breathing!

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