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It cannot be just some form of denial that has me in disbelief that Monday--three days away--is Christmas Day!

OY--and Happy Hanukah.

Having returned from my trip to Berkeley, I am trying to get caught up on holiday preparations. Did some last minute shopping today even though I had 90% of my gifts bought all along throughout the year. That and some online ordering.

My trip to Berkeley was ...well, a trip.

I really love travelling on Southwest Airlines. The guy at the check-in counter, Kevin was so nice. And then, my favorite Southwest Airlines attendant, Uilani greeted me as I boarded my flight. She had just landed next door and came over to wish me well and introduce me to my flight crew. Everyone wished me well. And on the return trip home, we had the flight attendant of the year on our flight. We all applauded her twice!

I had not flown since the latest round of security measures. I was unable to take my bottle of SmartWater with me. And it was too early in the morning to try and…