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World Peace Meditation

Tonight, well, actually it will be the wee hours of tomorrow, Dec. 31st--at 4:00 a.m. please join thousands of others as we usher in a new year of peace.

This is the World Peace Meditation created by John Randoph Price back in 1986 as the World Healing Day.

So many wondrous events of peace have taken place since this activity began, that I truly believe it is a significant factor towards World Peace. I have been doing this meditation since it began. For many years, I either attended or facillitated the meditation at churches in Los Angeles; and we had a few gatherings since being in San Diego. Please check with your local church to see if and how they are participating.

If not, set your alarm or your furry critter to wake you in time to get up and join us as 4:00 a.m. for an hour of peace intention. (This delightful mystic hour comes to us as designated because that it what time it is here when it turns 12:00 at Greenwich Mean Time. And boy, some times, getting up for this has felt…

Happy Boxing Day!

In addition to this being the traditional holiday in Great Britain, I want to add to this Boxing Day by encouraging you to go see the new film, "Rocky Balboa."

I admit to being an avid "Rocky" fan (primarily, the first two films) and I was very eager to see the latest version, "Rocky - AARP's Athlete of the Year". Don, Billie and I made our way to the mall (what were we thinking???) to catch a late matinee on Christmas Day. Even the crowds didn't bother me, because I really wanted to see this film.

Mr. Stallone once again, wrote and directed this incarnation. And he did a fine job. In fact, there are quite a few interesting cinemagraphic features that really heighten things. And yes, the script is classic "Rocky" talk and a bit sappy at times, but it was a great homage to itself. Hiding my already red-swollen, weepy eyes from the boxing bits, I really enjoyed it as a film. Of course, it made me think of how the original so inspired …