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January forth....

Life is going forth...New year, new month and all. In some ways, it is hard to believe that only a few days ago was New Years Day.

Welcome to Nancy Pelosi and the new congress. Sending them Light.

An overcast day and rainy night. Clearing the way for Epiphany.
I would like to go on record as extolling the virtues of peanut butter. What a wonderful thing Mr. Carver made possible for us. Peanut butter has always been a favorite from kidhood on into adulthood. And tonight, along with my soup, I fixed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and simply took time to appreciate that creation. (Yeah, OK, so I had it on Orowheat Light bread which is only 40 calories a slice.... but who asked ya?)

As much as I love writing this blog (and having you read it) I hope that you as a reader continue to read books. All types of books and not just the self-help variety.Even though this week, I bought myself a new book called, A Perfect Mess. It is a book that proposes the healthy side of clutter. So lo…

Heaven in '07

...heaven on Earth, of course.
Happy New Year y'all.
Although, I don't feel I can use my southern roots today since I did not have my black eyed peas yesterday. The stores were sold out. No wonder my mother bought her can back in November...
With the run on blackeyed peas (canned or frozen) all I could do was download the musical group Blackeyed Peas--not my usual music choice. Ah well. It is all in the intention,after all.

Trust everyone had good holidays and are using today to get your bearings back to the world of facts and details. Notice, that I did not use the phrase, "back to the real world" because I still believe the real world is the inner world; and the rest, what we see and experience in the human form and appearance, is about the facts and details.

Today, I am ready to dismantle the Christmas decor. It was Christmas for so long before it was actually the season, that now I am ready to focus on January and the new year, new opportunities.

New Year's Day …

Making Peace...and Ollie Hammond's

Ollie Hammond's was a great restaurant on La Cienega Blvd. in Beverly Hills. One of the things that made it so great was that it was open 24 hours a day and had killer breakfasts. This was not a Denny's coffee shop either. It was a full-scale restaurant. And in my active theatre days, where you never went to bed before 4:00 or 5:00 a.m., we would invariable go there for breakfast somewhere between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. for breakfast (?) and lively conversations. I am wasxing nostalgic for Ollie Hammond's this morning as I wind up the wee hour dedicated to praying and meditation on and for World Peace.

And this year, as I reflect on 2006, it was really more like Whirled Peas.

Fear not, I am not about to re-hash the events of this year. Been there, done that. A lot. Nope. Today, and particularly this morning is more about a sweet reflection and bringing peace to the whirling dervish that was my life this year.

Haven't lost my touch in that I woke up on my own at 3:5…