By Nature

We often refer to a person's character or behavior as their nature. It's in my nature to do such and such... We talk about Mother Nature. Mostly we refer to nature as the environment around us--the flora and fauna of what's outside our doors. In old (Aramaic) Biblical terms, name and nature meant the same thing.

Of late, I am beginning to think that I am maternal by nature.

You wouldn't automatically think that since I do not have any biological children (just ask my mother). Although, I do consider myself a mother to all my past, present and future fur children. And some might posit that being a minister and caring for a congregation and church flock would constitute a level of maternality. Certainly, the way I recycle is facet of being maternal for the planet. And my current stint as caregiver for my own mother has called forth both passive and active mothering traits.

Does one come by these traits naturally being born female? Even though I know men can and are maternal in their caring ways, I wonder if the female wiring is really different. And also why is it that the mothers/women I know are not very maternal for themselves???

My recycling nature was lifted this morning at the Buzz Cafe here in Los Angeles. I took a morning walk and passed a cafe that serves organic coffee. Mmmmmm. I walked back to Mom's apartment and got some cash and walked back to get a Cafe Americano. I was thrilled to see that they had a hand-made box on the counter for recycled cup sleeves!! Anyone who knows me for more than a week, knows that I carry cup sleeves in my purse and my car for coffee and tea runs. I feel that most of the cup sleeves have at least two, maybe three safe uses out of them. Now if I can get my favorite green awning beverage establishment to do something similar.... Or if they would heed my oft-submitted suggestion of making a reusuable beverage sleeve out of neoprene, I would buy that and bring it with me. They could offer a $.05 refund if a customer bring in their own cup sleeves the way that they refund $.10 if a customer brings in their own cups.

Another note about the Greening of Hollywood... in today's L.A. Times was an article about the producer, Lawrence Bender who took time off of his career to produce "An Inconvenient Truth" for Al Gore. I mentioned in my last blog how the Academy Awards show had gone 'green', the article mentioned that the winners had to dry their tears with recycled tissues.

I was also tickled to read about Bill Gardner who is the Secretary of State in New Hampshire who refuses to pander to lobbyists about changing the date for the national election primary. For over 26 years, he has been stalwart in keeping the tradition in his home state in how the election process unfolds. Good for him. Some traditions seem to merit stubbornness.

Well, have to close now and take care of my mom.


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