I Love D.C.

Yes, I had a fabulous time in Washington, D.C. and I am eager to re-visit.
The D.C. to which I am referring in this post, is MY FIANCE' Don Coverse!!
Ta Da!

Yes folks, it's true--we're engaged!--to be married!
Wow--ain't love grand????

I waited to 'blog' the news till he and I could tell certain people directly first and share the good news before it hit the grapevine. Details are yet to be determined--we don't know when (probably not the 07-07-07 date I imagined) or where. Maybe we will just elope to Vegas to the Elvis Chapel.

Ok, well, if there was a Michael McDonald Chapel I might consider it...

Although I came back from my East Coast trip with a doozy of a head cold (I didn't dress correctly for this trip; got caught in the rain and spent 10 hours in an airplane) Don and I agreed to still celebrate with take-out Di Mille's eggplant. Along with the bottle of Cabernet I 'won" on the airplane,we toasted to our being back together and then fast forward a bit, and, well, Don proposed. AND...I said YES because I love D.C.!!!!


Donald said…
And, I love DD.

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