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Milwaukee Brewers at Petco tonight.
It is so interesting to be seeing and hearing Anthony Gwynn, Jr. He sounds just like his father. I turned on the television getting ready for the game and I heard what I thought was a young Tony from what must have been an older interview. Nope. It was the son being interviewed in present day. What a trip it must be for the two Gwynns to be at the game together--with father in the broadcast booth and son, on the field. They are so proud of each other.

Interesting day. Brewing some new ideas and experiences for myself.

I find myself still working to balance my physical bearings and health. The stress of late has had it's effect. There are days when I am certain that I am projecting and experiencing the phsyicalities pf my mother. A physical manifestation along the lines of empathy pains--or when a man goes through symptoms of pregnancy that matches his wife's process. It was getting such that I knew I need to augment my spiritual approach to dealing with this and augment it with something physical. So I arranged for a Quantum Bio-Feedback session using the SCIO/EPFX machine.

This is not the time or space to describe the SCIO machine and how it works. Although, I plan to find a way to let poeple know about the powerful benefits of this work. Suffice to say, that this machine (and it's operator/interpreter) is a computerized use of higher consciousness to create a greater field of one's healing.

The results of my session were and are extraordinary. There were dozens of assessments and insights that were mirroring my mother's circumstances, of which the operator had no prior knowledge. The good news is that it was all correctable right there and now. This is deep healing work that takes place at the core of consciousness. It is so powerful and works hand in glove as the adjunct to spiritual mind treatment, prayer and meditation. In my humble estimation, the SCIO is the missing link in completing and allowing a wholistic healing. It goes way beyond The Sanctuary stuff.

(For those interested in your own research of the SCIO and it's healing properties, you can read up on it at:
this link is for the site of one of my NHCRS Practitioner cubs who turned me onto this process).

When I got home today, I knew I needed to take a nap to re-charge and restore myself from the deep work we had done. It was my own way of doing a personal restart or re-boot. When I got up, I wanted to take my evening walk. A small God nudge suggested I try calling my mother. My linear brain tried to tell me that it was pointless as she has not answered the phone for over a week; and after all, she told me that she didn't want to use the phone anymore. Yet, I felt compelled to try. And sure enough, I called and Mom answered. I smiled. She was a bit hazy and confused but glad to speak with me as I was to talk with her. We had a nice talk and I was clear through it all--none of the angst or emotional tugs. Because of the work I had done today to get myself clear, it cleared the way for us to connect. Cool.

And one other way I knew I was 'connected' again is that on my walk, cats were seeking me out. Animals know who I am and I am quite friendly to one and all in my neighborhood when I see them. However, there are times when they seek me out. Cats, for the most part are aloof. When I see them they are often too blase' to visit, or sometimes they like to pretend they are invisible and impervious to you. Tonight, I had cats seeing me and bopping their way over to connect. Of course, I squat down and pet them and talk to them. These sweeties were very talkative and oh so appreciative of my attention. It was a lovely confirmation that "I'm baaaaack!"


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Just 'pawsing" to say hi from my cat family,

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