American Stars Dancing With Idol Bachelor at Petco

Okay, so the past five and a half months have turned me into a TV junkie. Last night, it was my paean "American Idol" final songfest;"The Bachelor" choosing his bride-to-be and facing off with the one left behind; and the finale of "Dancing With The Stars". Oh my.
I was happy with all the results. And tonight, while I am at Petco for the second game against the Cubbies (I am wearing my TrevorTime T-shirt and my Cubs necklace. Hey, I was born in Chicago), the winning Idol will be announced. My bet is on Jordin Sparks.

Very few of you chimed in on the definition for Spooneybarger...hmmm. Guess this is not a very interactive crowd. Here's one for you -- Chime in with a pet peeve. I have a pretty benign one for today. When I am parked in a parking lot and the space in front of my car is wide open so that I could drive forward and not pull out in reverse, and someone pulls into the open spot even though it is not the only open spot. Or similarily, when I tend to park a bit away from where I am going to either afford me more walking time or where there are fewer cars in a row. Or when someone pulls in and parks next to me when there are several open spaces all around. Weird, huh? Guess not too horrendous in the scheme of things.

There were some amazingly unbelievable news tidbits in The Week that I will probably blog about tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Oh, and my computer connection went haywire last night and downloaded 8,735 pieces of e-mail! All mine but it was from last year and it was downloaded twice. ARGH.

How did it happen to be Memorial Weekend this weekend? I think I am still operating somewhere in March ...

Just got back from Petco. Padres won 2-1. We had a great time and we closed down the park. Don and I went as guests of a good friend who had the Tower Loft 1 space. It is so sweet to watch the game from a birdseye view and appreciate the pristine beauty of the field --especially at sunset. It got a bit chilly as we rounded into the middle of the game, so I found myself inside and watching from the incredible Sony flat-screen HDTV. Oh so nice. Then the bonus of getting up to go watch the game live when it got interesting. Then someone in the loft had the great idea of watching the series finale of "American Idol". COOL! Amazing guest vocalists. I was in media heaven. Watching "Idol", listening/watching a live baseball game!. It was a fast game and ended before American Idol" was over. So there were five of us hunkered around the TV awaiting the results. People were clearing up around us; the elevator lady kept coming back to pick us up. "20 more minutes! Argh,they're running overtime, it's almost over!" Congratulations Jordin! We dashed out as soon as her name was called. We were really the last 'civilians' leaving Petco. Suffice to say, there was no traffic coming home.

Now on to the last two episodes of "The Sopranos" and I can get on with my life.


ellie said…
My only big pet peeve is misuse of punctuation marks. Like, gratuitous use of "quotation marks" or apostrophe error's. Like that. I often see it in email from my friends and I don't know if I should tell them in case they aren't aware and I could be saving them from future embarrassment or if I would be snotty to tell them. I usually don't say anything because I would sound snotty. But then I worry that they won't get a job or something in the future and it's a whole THING, you know?
Rev. Duchess said…
Oh dear Ellie. Please feel free to educate me when I make a m'goof (that's my own word) in punctuation. I love to learn and I would not think you snotty in the least. The more we can write and publish correctly, the better.
Donald said…
My pet peeve is when someone comes in the room and changes the TV to American Idol instead of the ballgame I was watching. Doesn't that just chap your chops? HA!

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